Nitty Grits is the international culinary dictionary from the Southern Food and Beverage Museum. It is the most expansive and inclusive dictionary/thesaurus, which includes the most multi-language translations of food names from around the world. It includes the vernacular as well as scientific terms. Have a look around at the beta site, Nitty Grits is based on the work of Suzy Oakes, who authored the culinary dictionary, Suzy’s work, compiled as a labor of love, contained over 64,000 entries and was an organic, growing site, which was the definitive on-line culinary dictionary. Her work was halted by her untimely death in 2011. Upon learning of her illness, Suzy, in her generosity offered her work to the Southern Food and Beverage Museum. We are honored to carry on the work that Suzy started. It is an incredible body of work and a useful tool for anyone eating, buying food, and learning about the food of the world. As was Suzy’s practice, we plan for this to be an organic work that will continue to develop.

SoFAB has named its version of the international culinary dictionary Nitty Grits. The name is a reference to American South, which is a part of the mission of the museum. It also is a reference to the phrase “nitty gritty” or the complete set of facts. We hope that this will be our motto in continuing Suzy’s work. It also allows to continue as a legacy site without there being any confusion.