Word of Mouth: A Day of Culinary Delights in New Orleans

The staff here at the Southern Food and Beverage Museum are always asked where we go to shop and revel in the rich culinary culture of New Orleans. As the holidays approach, many friends, family members, and visitors descend on the city and it’s good to have a few stellar recommendations in our back pockets. Liz Williams, SoFAB’s President and Director, is a New Orleans native and a food lover, so she’s always prepared to share her favorite spots. Enjoy!

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This will be a totally culinary day in New Orleans.  I would make a stop at Kitchen Witch (moved now from the French Quarter) to enjoy the great selection of cookbooks and good talk.  Since I am already on North Broad Street, I would also stop at Seasoned.  I really enjoy the gently used, often vintage appliances, pots and pans, and other culinary wares at reasonable prices. It seems impossible not to buy something there. Once you’re there, it’s not far to visit the Southern Food and Beverage Museum! We also carry a small stock of Seasoned wares for your perusal, as well as a great selection of cookbooks, local culinary essentials, and cocktail supplies.

Hungry yet? Definitely plan to have a very good meal at Purloo and a drink at the Bruning's bar. Chef Ryan Hughes and his team are practically an exhibit themselves with the beautiful open kitchen, allowing guests to watch their delicious Southern-inspired dishes from pot to plate. The Bruning’s bar sparkles with old world charm, especially since it has a solid claim on being the oldest operating bar in the city.

With a full belly, I would then swing over to the French Quarter where I would visit Luccullus, which is like visiting a dining museum. The objects there are old and beautiful and the shop is full of unusual and hard-to-find items. The staff is very knowledgeable. Afterwards, it’s an easy stroll to the French Market, where you’ll find a revamped food market alongside the other shops with plenty of entertainment on the way. Watching pralines being made and seeing the beignets fry is a good reminder of the delights of the city, even if you’re too full to partake. If you’re still in the mood to learn but feel like a drink is necessary, a cocktail tour with Drink and Learn will round out the day nicely.

Of course there are a million other places that you could eat and drink along the way. Where to do that is a blog for another day…

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