Welcome, Dirty Pages!

Museums tell stories. And cooking and eating, a communal experience often passed down from generation to generation, is the story that we tell at Southern Food & Beverage Museum. The new exhibit Dirty Pages, now on display at Southern Food & Beverage Museum, was originally designed by its creators Jennifer Justus, Erin Murray and Cindy Wall, as an interactive way of telling the stories of 20 Nashville women through the food-stained and spattered recipes from which they cooked for their family and friends. The stories the women tell are accompanied by their portraits by Andrea Behrends, and images of the recipes themselves. Whether a professional cook or an amateur, each woman chose a recipe and spoke about why it mattered. 

The “dirty pages” have the best stories on them, always. They’re the recipes that you got from your grandmother, or your best friend, or as a wedding present, and the ones that your kids ask for over and over. We’re thrilled to give this project a permanent home at SoFAB. It’s hanging in the Tennessee exhibit, but it really could be anywhere in the South. Or the world.

Do you have dirty pages of your own that you'd like to share? Take a photo and post it on our Facebook page, or tag @eatdrinksofab on Instagram! We'd love to see what you're cooking.