MOTAC Presents DeGroff, Regan, Seger & Yard!

By Judi Laing

Another fabulous MOTAC event sailed through the cocktail universe at the soon-to-be legendary Tuck Room Tavern, Sherry Yard’s enchanting new place in Westwood (Read Nina Hiken's review of the restaurant here.) Three, yes THREE, cocktailian superstars, Dale DeGroff, Gaz Regan, and Adam Seger were there to serve up a little cocktail history about how the Big Bang of cocktail culture exploded onto our radar. Adam Seger made magic and created a tasty punch with Nolet’s Silver Gin that greeted us on arrival. And the evening took off from there!

Champagne was generously passed around as we nibbled on delectable bites à la Sherry Yard that whet our appetites AND wet our whistles while we got to schmooze with Dale, Gaz, and Adam before moving on to the presentation. If the evening had stopped there, it would have been a terrific success, but more was in store.

We strolled over to one of iPic Theaters’ comfy screening rooms and settled in for what were funny and memorable stories of how the Three Cocktailians came up with their iconic cocktails, not to mention the ingenious names they gave them. Whirling Dervish Sherry Yard – Sherry never stops being the inimitable host – passed around what could only be called Popcorn Crack, because once you took a bite, you were immediately addicted. Cocktails made from the Cocktailians’ classic recipes were served so that we understood what these cocktails were all about and why they had become part of cocktail history.

After the presentation, our Cocktail Heroes did not disappear. No, they stayed to schmooze with even more stories – believe me, there is a bottomless pit of stories from these guys – and the delightful evening continued into the wee hours.

MOTAC knows how to put on a show. For a good time – and you’ll learn something along the way – do not miss the next MOTAC event! And to make sure you don’t miss one, become a member of this really wonderful organization. NatFAB-MOTAC membership is available to all at

.Nolet Punch

Serves a lot of people!

• 1 Liter Nolet's Silver Gin
• 375ml Balsam Amaro
• 1 Bottle Champagne
• 1 Quart Fresh Grapefruit Juice (about 3 grapefruit)

Big block of ice and skin of the grapefruits you squeeze for the juice