Kids Camp 2015 Week 2

This week, our theme was the Olympics! We learned about cultures and foods from around the world and gained pride in our cooking our team's cuisine. All recipes are available by clicking here

Monday, June 8th 

We started to get to know each other right away by making nametags with drawings of our favorite foods. Then we introduced ourselves to our fellow campers and answered a question about ourselves like what our favorite dessert is or what we ate for dinner last night! 

We got split into Olympic team countries (France, Spain, Jamaica, Vietnam, and USA). Each country thought of a team name and made a team flag together. We then went outside to play Four Corners and our food version of red light-green light called “tomato-thyme”.  We cooked pain perdu (otherwise known as French Toast)! We had banana, peanut butter, and syrup (a great alternative to syrup would be honey) on top. 

Tuesday, June 9th

Today we celebrated Spain!  We learned that in Spain, carnival is celebrated similarly to how we celebrate mardi gras in New Orleans. A similarity is that both include wearing masks! We made masks that look like fruits or vegetables. Everyone was very creative so they came out great!

We learned about Spanish paella and its similarity to Jambalaya. We also learned about Spanish tapas and even drew our own party tables with what tapas we would share with our friends!

Then we went outside to play a game of Chefs and Waiters!

We cooked Spanish rice with chorizo, green and yellow bell peppers, onion, tomato, and garlic. YUM!

Wednesday, June 10th

After learning that a large part of Jamaican cuisine involves seafood, we made fish out of paper plates! It was a fun and creative way to put together art supplies and an item that we usually only use for eating. 

Then, we played a few rounds of Jamaican food Bingo. While playing the game, we learned how to say and recognize new foods that we were excited to cook and try!

After, we went outside and played refrigerator tag! Pick a food—do you like it, love it, have never tried it, or is it not for you?!

We cooked jerk chicken in lettuce wraps (a great substitute for tortillas) and made mango salsa to go with it. 

Thursday, June 11th

To celebrate Vietnam, we started off the morning by making our own paper lanterns! 

Then, we had snack wars! The campers were given a banana, peanut butter, pretzel sticks, dried cranberries, raisins, a partner, and a little time to plan and execute a creature. 

 After, we went outside to play Chefs and Waiters. 

We then made and ate shrimp spring rolls with rice noodles, cucumber, carrot, cilantro, lettuce, and basil with a homemade peanut soy sauce to go with it. Sticky—but worth it! 

Friday, June 12th

This morning we made chef hats! Now we will be able to look the part when we bring our new skills in the kitchen home to our families. 

After, we went outside and played Hungry Chefs and Yummy Food (a food adaptation of Sharks and Minnows). 

Then, we decorated recipe books to bring home! The best part about decorating the books was that we knew we were able to make everything inside of them. 

For our last meal of the week (USA themed, of course!) we made barbecue chicken, macaroni and cheese, and fresh-squeezed lemonade! We enjoyed eating together while thinking about and sharing our favorite parts of the week.

Thanks to everyone for such an amazing and delicious week! We've made great food and even greater friends. We hope to see everyone back next week or next summer!