Kids Camp 2015 Week 1

During the first week of Kids Camp, we explored the foods and cultures of various countries around the world. All recipes are available by clicking here

Monday, June 1st

The campers learned all about Mexican culture and foods and created their very own Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas.

Tuesday, June 2nd

Then, we switched it up a bit by studying China. The campers played around and made their own origami fortunetellers and completed the day with a nice bowl of Chicken Fried Rice. 

They also learned all about My Plate and found out what a healthy, balanced meal looks like.

Wednesday, June 3rd

Today, the country of the day was Italy. Campers learned all about the different types of pasta used in Italian dishes and concluded the lesson with a fun interactive game of Pasta Bingo.

For cooking, the kids had a blast chopping and squishing tomatoes for the homemade marinara sauce to be served over vegetable pasta.

They also had fun playing outside a game of Marinara/Pesto, a twist on the classic Red Light/Green Light running game.

Thursday, June 4th

We explored the culture of Thailand with Thai Chicken Peanut Wraps. The campers acted out cooking pad thai, where each camper was assigned an ingredient and pretended to jump around in an imaginary pot.

They made their own peanut sauce and assembled lettuce wraps with chicken, carrots, cucumbers and toped it off with the homemade sauce. We also made Vietnamese fans!

Friday, June 5th

On our last day together, we celebrated our food and culture here in New Orleans. The campers compiled and decorated their own recipe books as well as little chef hats. For cooking, we had an adventure making our own gumbo. The campers chopped Andouille sausage, tomatoes, onions, and green bell pepper and put it all in a pot to let it cook and thicken for a delicious lunch.

We had a very fun and exciting first week at camp! The campers loved learning about foods and cultures from all around the world and felt a sense of pride after every meal, as they had prepped and cooked it themselves.