Goodbye Summer Interns!

Like any non-profit, we heavily rely on the volunteers and interns that come through our doors, giving of themselves so that we can grow. We have been so fortunate to have had more talented, motivated, and caring interns this summer than we thought possible. From universities across the country all the way to right here at home in New Orleans, came 11 interns who have donated their summer to the projects and programs we otherwise couldn’t have completed. Regardless of what the weather tells us, we are nearing the end of the summer and many of these hard working folks are returning to their homes to prepare for the next phase in their life. We hope that the research and hands on experience that they have received here will assist them in their pursuits, and as a way of thanking their efforts, want to highlight the work they have done that otherwise might go unnoticed.

Anastacia Scott (University of Wisconsin), Arabella Matthews (Tulane), and Alli Rayburn (MSU) all worked on a Cultural Pathways research project, highlighting the contributions made to Southern Foodways by Native Americans, Africans, and Europeans respectively. Eventually, this research will be incorporated into an interactive exhibit in the Museum. Their in depth research will provide not only the starting point, but the majority of this future exhibit.

Hansel Lopez (NET Charter) reached out to soda companies and historic soda shops throughout the South, inquiring about artifacts to add to our upcoming Soda Trail exhibit that local cocktail historian, Elizabeth Pearce, is curating

Chris Clevenger (Duke), Lizzie Speed (Duke), Emily Steele (Tufts), and Kendall Patterson (Ole’ Miss), created the multi-disciplinary programming for our annual SoFAB Kids Culinary Camp.

Siena Farrar (Tulane) worked with Jyl Benson in the Demonstration Kitchen, planning and executing events on every level, reaching out to her community of friends for assistance and fun.

Katelyn Baroody (SUNY) worked tirelessly archiving our artifacts within the Museum, and placing them into a new program. This legwork will become the basis by which we organize and add to our ever growing collections.

Amanda Anjier (UNO) reached out to restaurants across the country, who are celebrating anniversaries over 50 years. These restaurants are the basis for our National Culinary Heritage Register.

Again, a huge and grateful thank you to our interns who have worked so hard behind the scenes to create the programs, exhibits, and venues by which we can do our best work.

Interested in interning with SoFAB? Check out our options here and apply! You can always contact our staff as well to discuss possible projects if you don't see exactly what you're looking for on the site.