Enjoy the Green Fairy with SoFAB

She glided onto the balcony, her gossamer gown shimmering in the moonlight. Her hand embraced a uniquely shaped glass containing a cloudy concoction; an absinthe cocktail of myth, conjecture, and controversy. 

In 2007 Absinthe became legal again in the United States. The SoFAB Pantry now has absinthe glasses and spoons for sale. You will not need a moonlit balcony to enjoy this historic cocktail, just a slotted spoon from The Pantry. Imported from Germany, we have spoons inspired by turn-of-the-century France, like the Eiffel Tower and Henri Toulouse-Latrec. We also have newer designs modeled after wormwood or trombones.

So on your way to seeing The Green Fairy, pick up supplies at The Pantry. Or, stop in for awhile and visit our Galerie d'Absinthe, home of the largest collection of absinthe artifacts in the country, right here in the Southern Food and Beverage Museum.

Spoons- $10-$12

Glasses- $19.95