Dry with a Twist: A Liquid Lesson in How Prohibition Changed America

Touring the Cocktail: MOTAC Los Angeles

For a scary moment, it really did seem like we were back in the days of Prohibition at this Touring the Cocktail: MOTAC Los Angeles on Monday, August 18. Historian Richard Foss set the scene with stories of the old days, and drinkmaster David Valiante created a cocktail menu to match. Many thanks to the Exhibition Room at Roxanne's Cocktail Lounge & Latin Grill, our sponsors, and everyone who attended.

More photos on Facebook here. All photos courtesy of Nino Andonis Photography.

About the Presenters:

 Food and drink historian Richard Foss has been writing about food and drink professionally since 1986, when he started reviewing restaurants for the Los Angeles Reader. Since then he has written for over 20 publications, including contributing articles to the Food Cultures of the World Encyclopedia (Greenwood 2011). He currently serves on the board of the Culinary Historians of Southern California and teaches “500 Years of American Food,” “American Fermented,” and “What Shakespeare Left Out” at Osher Institute/UCLA Extension. He authoredRum: A Global History, released by Reaktion Books in April 2012, and his history of dining aloft, from the zeppelin era to the space station, will be released in 2014. Also forthcoming is a book examining the local food movement, sustainability, and urban agriculture.

David Valiante is the Bar Program Director at Roxanne's Cocktail Lounge in Long Beach, CA. He also runs The Exhibition Room, the Hidden Speakeasy in the back room.  David continues to challenge and educate himself daily in the spirit and cocktail scene. A passionate bartender, he loves what he creates and truly understands the importance of balanced cocktails. David has also developed cocktail recipes for Jim Beam Bourbon, Absolut Vodka, Ketel One Vodka, Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Luk Hard Cider & Avion Tequila.