An Update from The Pantry

We have been looking towards May with excitement as some projects that have been in the works are finally being realized. This month SoFAB's President and Founder, Liz Williams, released her third book Lift Your Spirits, a historical guidebook to New Orleans' cocktail culture. She coauthored the book with Chris McMillian, who just opened Revel, a new bar in Midcity and is known for spinning a yarn and regaling his customers with cocktail history. Lift Your Spirits: A Celebratory History of Cocktail Culture in New Orleans is $22.50 at The Pantry. Stay tuned for a special book signing event with Liz at the end of the month!

Our Creole Spice Mix has been flying off the shelves. We wanted to create our own spice to use in our jambalaya demos that didn't include salt. We found that many traditional creole seasonings are packed with salt, and if you're adding that with sausage and other meats, the salt content is through the roof without you even knowing it. Thus, SoFAB's Creole Spice Mix was born. Be careful though, it's got a powerful back kick! This 2.3 oz container retails for $5 and as we've heard more than one visitor say "this is the perfect thank you gift" for friends back home.

SoFAB aprons also just arrived! We have had many requests for this item, and as staff we've found them useful for our programming too, whether that's going on the news or hosting a Monday demo! Printed on a durable forest green apron, they sell for $20 at The Pantry, plus tax of course.

Speaking of tax, I want to reiterate that our prices have increased. Due to new legislation passed by the State of Louisiana, we have raised our admission prices to include State Sales Tax. I know, it's only 25-50 cents, but we want you to be aware of the change. Adult admission is now $10.50; Purloo customers $8.50; Students, Senior, Military $5.25; Kids Under 12 Free (+ $.25 ......just kidding! But do remember to ask for a scavenger hunt!)

Remember, you can always visit the gift store without purchasing admission to the Museum. If you have friends or family who like to eat, cook or drink.....which is basically everybody.....we have a lot of options for quick gifts. Come check us out!