Kids Camp 2019: Colors Week

The second week of camp here at the Southern Food and Beverage Museum saw the campers cooking elaborate meals, composed of ingredients that spanned the color spectrum. From blueberry muffins to stuffed tomatoes, our food was visually stunning and incredibly tasty.

Monday: Red Day

Red: the longest wavelength on the visible spectrum and the theme and color of our first day of camp! The campers created, for their craft to begin the day, team banners and nametags. Each table of campers gave themselves a silly, color-related name. The Dragon Fruit Warriors, the Creative Carrots, the Karate Corn, the Basic Basil and the Crippled Raisins came prepared for a week of fun! After listening to the rules and expectations from the marvelous Ms. Jennie, the campers were able to try some new red foods like roasted red peppers, pickled beets and plain rhubarb. Afterwards, campers stepped up to the various cooking stations, working together to make rice-stuffed tomatoes and strawberry shortcake. The Dragon Fruit Warriors stayed inside to plate whilst the rest of the young chefs played Refrigerator Tag. The day ended with a many smiles and full stomachs!

Tuesday: Orange Day

Orange Day saw the campers celebrating all foods that are orange. In the morning, the campers created orange popsicles with fresh juice so that they could enjoy them with their meals on Wednesday. Next, the teams worked together to answer the tricky questions during our Color Jeopardy game. Questions related to different colored foods were posed to the campers. In the end, the Creative Carrots took home the honor of winning Color Jeopardy. The winning jeopardy coincidentally was the cooking team of the day. As campers raced around outside, the Creative Carrots plated mandarin chicken and a carrot souffle onto everyone’s plates.

Wednesday: Yellow Day

On Wednesday, the campers were yellin’ in excitement for Yellow Day. The beginning of the day found the campers painting Pineapple Plates. For the next portion of the camp, inspired by the culture behind Thai Yellow Curry, campers learned about the art of vegetable carving in Thailand. A snack wars commenced, where campers were pushed to design their own masterpiece made out of vegetables and fruits. The winners of Snack Wars were awarded with fruit snacks as a prize. The main meal of the day, Thai Yellow Curry, was made with vibrant flavors from coconut milk, ginger and lemongrass. While the other teams got to play outside, the Karate Corns plated everyone’s meals and passed out frozen orange popsicles. At lunchtime, some campers noted that it was not only their first time making but also eating a Thai Curry!

Thursday: Green Day

Thursday, campers glided down the rainbow to celebrate all of the different green foods. As soon as all the campers walked into the doors, they were greeted with an exciting Chopped challenge, based off the popular cooking show. All teams were tasked with coming up with a green dish, comprised of all four ingredients in their mystery bowls. With 30 minutes on the clock, campers got to work using the spinach tortilla, avocado, green bell pepper and dried cranberries. Our judges for the Chopped competition were Miss Jennie and Mister Josh. Ultimately, the Basic Basils and their chicken-filled tortilla cups reigned supreme, wowing the judges with their outstanding creativity, delicate presentation, and fantastic teamwork. The teams transitioned from their Chopped challenges right into making their lunch for the day. As the Basic Basil team put hearty servings of Greek salad and chicken lettuce wraps onto everyone’s plates, the other campers enjoyed the great weather, playing a game of Epidemic. Green Day “wrapped” up on a high note with everyone enjoying their veggie-packed lunch.

Friday: Blue and Purple Day

Friday was Blue and Purple Day as well as the last day of our Color Week here at the SoFab Kids Camp! The week ended with campers receiving and decorating their own cookbooks. Next, the campers played a round of Superfood Bingo, learning about the various vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are in different food items. After playing, campers created their last meal of the week. In stations, campers learned how to bread and dredge foods for their eggplant parmesan. They also made blueberry muffins from scratch. Our last cooking team of the week, the Crippled Raisins, served the food while the other campers played a version of the game Mafia outside. The week ended with a wonderful reflection of the new skills learned, games played, and friends made during this colorful week at the Kids Camp!