Made in Louisiana: Nitty Grits Network

Here in Louisiana, we care deeply about eating and drinking. The oft-repeated phrase “we live to eat” reflects this passion, and there are few Louisianians who won’t take you up on on opportunity to talk about their best meals.

It was in this spirit of pleasure and desire for deliciousness that the National Food & Beverage Foundation started the Nitty Grits Network, a dynamic network of producers, hosts, and authors whose work examines food and drink in all its diversity across America and the world. As we continue to develop this network, we offer a platform for podcasts to launch and amplify their food and drink musings, and we’re lucky to have several Louisiana focused podcasts in the mix.

Here’s a roundup of the latest Louisiana-centric posts from the Nitty Grits Network. Interested in sharing your culinary podcast on Nitty Grits? Contact us!


Louisiana Eats: New Orleans’s own Poppy Tooker hosts this ever-popular radio show on WWNO all about the food culture of NOLA, but we’ve also got her special “Quick Bites” program that jumps into chef interviews with chef-lebrities like Alon Shaya, Michael Gulotta, and Alfred Singleton, alongside explorations of water science and butchery.

Drink and Learn: This New Orleans drink-cast celebrates the history and evolution of your favorite cocktails, with Abigail Gullo and Elizabeth Pearce as your entertaining hosts. Learn about the history of the Daiquiri and what to do when you turn 21!

podcast 1.JPG

GreenPepper: NatFAB’s own Pepper Bowen, the Director of the Culinaria Center, explores a wide range of food policy topics in her interviews with thought-leaders and policy makers. Catch up with Pepper and District E Councilwoman Cyndi Nguyen (Parts 1, 2, & 3) for a taste of local food policy impact.

NOLA Drinks Show: Host Bryan Dias keeps his podcast up-to-date with news and discussion on issues that affect the food and drink scene, the hospitality industry, and more. He shares insightful interviews with everyone from local mixologists, to food & drink festival organizers. Most recently, Dias delved into La Fée Absinthe and a recap of Tales of the Cocktail 2018.

Join us for the month of September, 2018 as we Spotlight Louisiana as part of the 10 Years of SoFAB programming! Louisiana is the birthplace and homebase of both NatFAB and SoFAB, and in celebration of Louisiana’s unique role in American foodways, SoFAB will celebrate the contributions and innovations of Louisianans.