Old Style Cooking

At the Southern Food & Beverage Museum, we celebrate the history and culture behind the food of the south. Here in Louisiana, we are blessed with so much delicious food, a deep and passionate culinary culture, and more than our fair share of history. Luckily, we also love to share! Not only can you learn about the dishes that make up Louisiana's diverse cuisine in the museum, but we also offer you the chance to try them in our twice-weekly cooking classes.


While you sit back and relax, our amazing team whips up a tasty lunch that highlights different dishes of Louisiana's cuisine. We share the origins and evolution of the dish, the different cultural influences that can be tasted, and our recommendations for recreating it at home. From jambalaya to gumbo, you'll be an expert in eating like a New Orleanian by the end of the day. 

This August we are celebrating NatFAB’s National Culinary Heritage Register. If you aren’t already familiar with the Register, it is a list of the places, products, manufacturers, traditions, and processes that have shaped America’s culinary heritage. We are especially proud that we are able to feature so many significant culinary businesses in our demonstration kitchen and in the classes themselves.

Wayne Jacob's Smokehouse Restaurant (est. 1950) provides the sausage used in the Creole New Orleans Class jambalaya, as well as the tasso for the Macque Choux, and the andouille used in the Cajun Gumbo. Steen's Cane Syrup (est. 1910) is prominently featured in the Gateau de Sirop the rounds out the Cajun Class, and the Creole-Italian Class ends with a freshly-prepared snoball made on a Southern Snow (est. 1932) machine. All of the classes serve Luzianne Iced Tea (est. 1902), and we use a variety of equipment from Jenn-Air (est. 1961), Lodge (est. 1896), and Kitchen-Aid (est. 1919) to prepare each dish. Not to mention our main grocery store for all of our ingredients is the Rouses (est. 1930) just down the street! We love our culinary history, and it's wonderful that we get to share it every day with you as well! 

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