Updates from the National Culinary Heritage Register

From Maggy Case


This August we are celebrating NatFAB’s National Culinary Heritage Register. If you aren’t already familiar with the Register, it is a list of the places, products, manufacturers, traditions, and processes that have shaped America’s culinary heritage. The National Culinary Heritage Register is the only preservation initiative in the United States to focus on significant foodways and institutions. In order to be admitted to the Register, restaurants, processes, and farms must be at least 50 years old. These applicants must have also played a key role in shaping the culinary identity of a region, state, or the United States as a whole.

This summer has been quite busy for the Register, adding nine restaurants and manufacturers since the end of May, with more on the way! Some notable additions include New Orleans’ Parkway Bakery and Tavern, a consistent supporter of both NatFAB and the Southern Food and Beverage Museum, Jenn-Air, whose kitchen appliances are well-utilized in Rouse’s Culinary Innovation Center located in SoFAB, and Edwards Virginia Ham, whose rack serves as the centerpiece in the museum’s Virginia exhibit. We hope that our new additions will allow SoFAB to further expand its exhibits, eventually leading to our own National Culinary Heritage Register exhibit and tour.

The Register also plans to expand its reach and recruit restaurants from every state to become a more comprehensive list. If you would like to explore The National Culinary Heritage Register or apply, please visit https://natfab.org/national-culinary-heritage-register/

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