May is our Month of Education Celebration!

Here at the National Food & Beverage Foundation, we are committed to educating the world about every aspect of our culinary world, from food history to food policy, from cocktail lore to modern mixology techniques. We’re proud to offer a true variety of ways for visitors of every age to engage with food history and to take this knowledge back to their homes, gardens, businesses, and more. In honor of the Southern Food & Beverage Museum’s 10th anniversary, we’re using the month of May to spotlight the educational programs the entire organization offers. Here's our age-appropriate guide to getting the most out of NatFAB: 


0-6 years old: We love the little ones! The Southern Food & Beverage Museum is a great place to bring your sleeping babies and get them indoctrinated into the food world early. For children outside of a stroller, be sure to ask for a scavenger hunt from the front desk to keep them amused and engaged while exploring the museum. Admission for kids under 12 is free as long as they’re with an adult, so come explore.


7-15 years old: The perfect age for really starting into the SoFAB food world! This is where our amazing kids programs start—we’ve got monthly programs for kids to learn different kitchen skills and delicious recipes. And don’t forget about our coveted Kids Culinary Camp in the summer! This popular program takes your young chef, puts them in our awesome demo kitchen for a week, and spits them out with enough cooking skills to let them take on dinner. For the older cooks (12-15 years old), we offer tailored Master Class programs to dive more deeply into advanced cooking techniques with professionals. School field trips and private classes are also great ways to get your museum time in and learn more about the culinary arts. 


16+: Here’s when things start to get really interesting. Doing research for a school project? Need a new old recipe for your restaurant, or inspiration from an old menu? We’ve got a Culinary Library full of resources for you. From menus and special archival collections to cookbooks about everything under the sun, the John & Bonnie Boyd Hospitality & Culinary Library is here for you. We also offer internships in a variety of positions to give you real world experience in a museum and non-profit setting, from making our social media pop to actually helping curate an exhibit. Come to (or volunteer!) at our regular and special events to learn about culinary history, to find the best croissant in the city, or to try a new dish. Take a cooking class on Monday or Thursday to get an in-depth history of Louisiana's famous dishes, or stop by one of our weekend demonstrations to learn directly from a local chef. 


21+: There is a beverage side to our organization, and it’s not just soda pop. Visit The Museum of the American Cocktail’s exhibits in New Orleans or in Los Angeles, and enjoy learning about the history of the cocktail through the ages. At the Southern Food & Beverage Museum, you can explore the beer and wine history of each Southern state as well, and don’t forget to get an appropriate drink from Toups South to accompany your trip! The Pacific Food & Beverage Museum is off to a strong start as well, with delightful wine and cocktail programming showcasing the spirits and drinks of the West Coast.

Culinary Entrepreneurs of Any Age: The Paul C.P. McIlhenny Culinary Entrepreneurship Program is NatFAB’s program to give any budding or committed entrepreneur the tools they need to get their business to the next level. The Rouses Culinary Innovation Center by Jenn-Air is chock full of all the cooking equipment you need to experiment with your next great product, and we offer regular entrepreneur focused classes, panels, and programs to arm you with the knowledge you need to succeed.

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