Gardening From the Library

Here in southern Louisiana we have a long growing season.  In the John & Bonnie Boyd Hospitality & Culinary Library we have lots of books to help you get those seeds in the ground.  While you’re waiting for some germination or taking a break from weeding, come in and check out some recipes using fresh, local ingredients. Onions, celery, peppers, okra, herbs, pecans, tomatoes, citrus, figs and flowers all are key ingredients for local delicacies.

Library volunteer, Ann Byerly, is our expert on edible flowers, and an “old rose” gardener.  Visit on a Friday and talk gardening with her. 

Join us for the month of April 2018 as we Spotlight the Gumbo Garden as part of the 10 Years of SoFAB programming! To celebrate the development of the Gumbo Garden we will be hosting a variety of programs and demonstrations that explore growing your own produce, using local ingredients, and enjoying the all-too-brief season of (pleasant) outdoor cooking in New Orleans. 

The Gumbo Garden at the Southern Food & Beverage Museum is almost ready to be used.  We have newly dug fence posts, newly laid brick and you can see the architect’s plans for where everything will go – including the special spot for the very large Franklin smoker. We'll also have a garden full of native species plants and important additions that settlers have brought to Louisiana. Catch up with what we're putting together here!