Is it Fall Yet?

NatFAB 16 Aug-36.jpg

As the summer winds down here in New Orleans (at least by the calendar, the heat we’ll have around for a while…) we here at the Southern Food & Beverage Museum are taking a deep breath before the fall craziness starts in earnest.

Of course, foremost in our minds right now are our neighbors in Houston. It is heart wrenching to see the images of flooded neighborhoods, rescues by helicopter and boats, and the knowledge that it will take so much to regain a sense of normality.  There are many ways that we can reach out to help the cities and towns affected by Hurricane Harvey, from donating money to joining the Cajun Navy. There are some fantastic resources out there, detailed here by, including the City of New Orleans’s and the Greater New Orleans Foundation’s “Pay it Forward” campaign. Along with many other area restaurants, SoFAB is serving as a drop point for a gift card drive this Wednesday and Thursday that will support Houston area hospitality and restaurant workers.  Check the Facebook page here for updates.

If the drizzle continues and doesn’t get worse here in New Orleans, there are still a few more days left in August to enjoy the end of Museum Month. The Southern Food & Beverage Museum has been privileged to be a part of this summer promotion of many of the amazing museums that call New Orleans home. Offering free admission to any member of a participating museum, this annual event allows art and culture lovers to thoroughly explore the exhibits and programs on offer.


SoFAB was pleased to have three new exhibits on display for Museum Month: Red Bean City, an exhibit celebrating the history of Red Beans and Rice; The Age Of Elegance, showcasing menus from the golden age of hotel dining; and Shakers, Knives, and Irons, a photography exhibit highlighting the tattoos of local chefs and bartenders. These exhibits will be on display at least through the end of 2017, so you still have time to visit! We hope everyone who jumped on the chance to become a member enjoyed their experience, and we hope to see you back in the museum for many more programs and displays.

This summer we wrapped up the 10th year of our SoFAB Summer Kids Cooking Camp, sending yet more children out into the world with inspired taste buds and tons of recipes. Our fall kids programs have already started up, so be sure to get your spot in one of the upcoming events!

In other fall events, we’re looking forward to a full calendar of weekend programming, including September’s Museum Day Live and our annual Kitchen Tour of the French Quarter on October 8. Stay tuned for a special program and announcement at the end of October, and get ready to help SoFAB celebrate 10 years of food and drink history in 2018.