Special Collections at the Boyd Library

From Cindy Williams

These photos are your introduction to the three special collections we have in the Boyd Library, and how they’re being included in the larger collection.

The first, generously donated by the Prudhomme Foundation, is Chef Paul Prudhomme’spersonal and private cookbooks. There are approximately 690 titles and they’re the ones with red round stickers, PP. Chef Paul’s collection is wide ranging, though focusing on Southern food and South Louisiana culture. One of the treasures is a cookbook in Braille! Chef Paul also had many cookbooks in other languages, and we received this donation in December 2015.

Chef Kenneth Smith left the Upperline Restaurant after a calling to the seminary. His collection, thus far at 238 titles, are those with green round stickers, KS. I usually know when a book is a Chef Kenneth title even before I open it and see his bookplate. Chef Kenneth’s books focus heavily on baking, desserts and chocolate, they’re beautifully photographed and in very good condition. This collection also includes books on Paris, the Caribbean and Asian cooking. We’re still unpacking boxes of books and discovering more Kenneth Smith titles, which is fun.    

The newest special collection are those books donated by Poppy Tooker of WWNO’s Louisiana Eats! fame. Poppy’s titles feature her heavy involvement with the Slow Food movement, and they reflect her wide ranging interests in food policy, agricultural practices, food writing, cider and table settings. Poppy’s books have yellow PP stickers on the spines.

These books, and those already on the shelves, can be located using the New Orleans Public Library’s online catalogue. If the Boyd Library owns a copy, it’ll be noted as being in the SoFAB collection, along with the call number (the book’s individual address on the shelf). The colored sticker on the spine is the clue to if that book is part of a special collection. All of the special collection books are slowly being integrated into the larger, general collection, as they return from NOPL Cataloging Department.

We welcome your donations of books focusing on food, wine, brewing, food law, agricultural practices, restaurants, and ethnic cooking, among others.  They can be in all languages, and all publication dates. Please think of the Boyd Library, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the library or donations.