The National Culinary Heritage Register is Filling Up!

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From Bayley Elenzweig

Join us on Saturday, July 15th 2017 in officially presenting the Royal Lee Organics Lee Household Flour Mill with their National Culinary Heritage Register Certificate at the Southern Food and Beverage Museum. The event will take place from 1-2 pm.

The National Culinary Heritage Register is a project of the National Food and Beverage Foundation, which hopes to celebrate community cornerstones of many different backgrounds that have contributed to the development of American Foodways. This register is unique in that it is not focused on buildings and physical locations, but rather acknowledges any significant culinary product, process, invention, tradition, and establishment that is at least 50 years old that may or may not be associated with exact physical sites.  This kind of strategy allows for us to celebrate all kinds of contributions to American Foodways.

Another unique aspect of the National Culinary Heritage Register is the inclusion of establishments that no longer exist. The register seeks to celebrate out-of-business contributions to American food and beverage culture.

The flexible guidelines of the National Culinary Heritage Register allow for us to include exciting, interesting, and important histories that might not have previously been recognized. Once an establishment has been approved for the register, the National Food and Beverage Foundation provides a certificate officiating their placement on the register and the establishment is added to the online register list. This allows online visitors to read about register members’ histories, visit their websites, and even purchase products, allowing these foodways to be celebrated. Each member has a unique story and has shaped its community in some way.

Take Laird & Company, the oldest member on our register. Since 1780, the Laird family has distilled AppleJack . The company is recognized as America’s first commercial distillery and is still operated within the family. This register member has helped bring a rich history to American beverage production.

Falcon Rice Mill Joins the Register

Falcon Rice Mill Joins the Register

Also on the register is the oldest restaurant in New Orleans, Antoine’s. Since 1840, Antoine’s has delighted diners with French-Creole cuisine. Antoine’s has always been an inventive and creative force in the city, notably creating the dish Oysters Rockefeller among other inventive leaps. Antoine’s was instrumental in the shaping of New Orleans’ culinary identity and remains a significant cornerstone in the city.

 The National Culinary Register will continue to add members to the register and grow in celebration of our nation’s colorful food-and-beverage history.

To apply to the register and learn more about the application process here.

Browse the register here.

Stay tuned as we continue to share stories and histories from the register here on the blog!