Kids Camp Week 2: June 19th-23rd

This week was our second week of our annual Kids Camp, and we are so excited for a summer full of fun, games, and, most importantly, cooking! Our theme for this second week was Disney, so each day, all the activities were revolved around a particular Disney movie. 

Monday- Frozen

Monday, we started by having all the kids make nametags, which were decorated with everyone’s favorite foods and drinks. Then, each table made a team poster revolved one of the states. The teams became the Frozen Ice Castles (Frozen), the French Chefs (Ratatouille), the Team From the Other Side (Princess and the Frog), the Olympians (Hercules), and the Pineapples (Moana).

After the opening crafts, we went over our trusty acronym CHEFS (clean, helpful, experimental, friends, and safety). Then, Nick taught the campers about traditional Scandinavian cuisine, and the kids went around to tasting stations and got to try Jarlsburg cheese, smoked salmon, and lingonberry jam. They enjoyed being able to taste all the same foods as Elsa and Olaf would eat!

Finally, we got to start cooking! To go along with our Frozen, we made Swedish meatballs with mushroom gravy and a side of roasted carrots. Then, we got a frozen treat in the form of vanilla ice cream that they made.

As we put the meatballs and carrots in the oven, the campers went outside to play Penguin Tag and Refrigerator Tag while the Frozen Ice Castles helped Mary Clay finish cooking. The kids came in and had a great meal, which they seemed to really enjoy! Check out our photos from the awesome first day!


Tuesday- Ratatouille

Tuesday was a ton of fun! We started by replicating the Food Network’s hit game show “Chopped”. Each group got a basket with almonds, strawberries, spinach, tortillas, cheese, and raw beef and they each came up with their own unique dishes to serve to the counselor “judges”. We were all quite impressed with their creations.

Next we started to cook our lunch! We were making, of course, ratatouille, in which the campers infused squash, zucchini, eggplant, tomato and basil, and topped off with parmesan. For desert, they made delicious crepes with both a chocolate and a strawberry sauce.

While the food was in the oven, the campers went and played Master Chef, May I? Meanwhile, the French Chefs stayed in and finished preparing the meal. Many had never tried either food, and seemed to really enjoy their experiments. Check out our pictures below:

Wednesday- Princess and the Frog

Wednesday, we came back home to New Orleans with our theme, and revolved the day around Princess and the Frog. First, everyone became a Cajun and learned about their history, culture, and traditional foods. Then they made their own New Orleans based Cajun Restaurant and a menu for their new establishment.

After this, it was cooking time with Mary Klay. Today, we were making gumbo. We chopped veggies and sausage, pulled chicken and cooked them together in our yummy dark rue. For dessert, the campers made pralines by mixing walnuts with the sugar and other ingredients and cooking them over the stove.

While the Team from the Other Side brought the Gumbo to a simmer, the other teams played Bayou Tag, which they played inside of course as we were in the middle of our midweek tropical storm. After the game, we came in and enjoyed the local dish. Have a look at our Wednesday below!


Thursday- Hercules

After coming home, we ventured to Greece with our Hercules themed day. First, all the campers made the olive branch Olympic crowns and tried some olives. The kids loved the craft and hated the new taste.

Then, the kids played snack wars. Pairs or groups of three broke off and created their own individual Greek Gods out of cheese squares, grapes, raisins, peanut butter, pretzel sticks, and a banana. They came up with a name and a back story for their creation and shared it with the camp.

Today, the kids were cooking Greek salad with onions and cucumbers, and a delightful hummus which they used to top off pita bread and carrots. Despite their meal being mostly veggies, they all seemed to really enjoy it. Before eating, they played human rock paper scissors, and got to climb the Greek ranks from Hades to Pegasus to Hercules. Check out the Greek God creations, the meal and the games in our album below!


Friday- Moana

On our last day of camp, our theme was Moana, and we revolved around Polynesian culture. We started, though, by having all the kids make their cookbook, with all the recipes from the entire week. Be on the lookout for those so you can replicate the meals with the kids at home! The kids passed their books around and signed them yearbook style.

Next, Nick taught the camp about traditional Polynesian meals with a “wipeout” game, where the kids had to identify Polynesian foods to not crash off their surf boards. As we went into our cooking phase, the youngsters were pumped to make pineapple chicken and serve it up with coconut rice. They played Ships and Sailors with Audrey as the Pineapples finished up the cooking and serving. We had an extra long family lunch to say our final goodbyes after our fun-filled week. Take a look!

Check out the slideshow below to see all the recipes from this week. We hope the campers enjoyed camp as much as we enjoyed having in them!