Kids Camp Week 1: June 12th-16th

This week was our first week of our annual Kids Camp, and we are so excited for a summer full of fun, games, and, most importantly, cooking! Our theme for this first week was Southern states, so each day, all the activities were revolved around a particular Southern state. 

Monday -Mississippi

Monday, we started by having all the kids make nametags, which were decorated with everyone’s favorite foods and drinks. Then, each table made a team poster revolved one of the states. The teams became the Catfish Warriors (Mississippi), Mount Carolina (North Carolina), the Georgia Peaches, the Jazzy Gators (Louisiana), and Totally Texas.

After the opening crafts, we went over our trusty acronym CHEFS (clean, helpful, experimental, friends, and safety). Next, we had our resident musician, Nick, inform the kids on the importance of balanced meals with a crafty rap about My Plate.

Now it was finally time to cook! To go along with our Mississippi theme, we were making catfish with sweet potatoes and tartar sauce. The kids breaded the fish, cut up and spiced the sweet potatoes, mixed up the tartar sauce and threw everything in the oven.

While everything was cooking, the kids played frogger while our Catfish Warriors helped us get the dining room ready for lunch. Then, the kids came in and ate the delicious meal! Check out all the pictures from Monday below! 

Tuesday- North Carolina

Tuesday’s state theme was North Carolina. First, Audrey informed the kids about the different diverse regions of the state, including the Appalachian Mountains, and the beaches along the Atlantic Coast. Then, the kids made their own North Carolinian restaurant based either in the mountains or by the sea.

Next, Nick taught the kids about the two barbeque styles that were born in NC: Eastern NC (vinegar based) and Lexington Style (Sweet and thick sauce). Spoiler: they would get to try both later.

The kids began to make barbeque sandwiches, the two varying BBQ sauces, and some tasty coleslaw. While Mount Carolina finished preparing our meal, the rest of the kids went and played both Chefs & Waiters and Squirrels & Clams with Alexa. Check out the photos below!

Wednesday- Georgia

On Wednesday, we had Georgia on our minds. We started the awesome day with Audrey instructing the kids on how to make paper machete peaches with small balloons and peachy colored tissue papers. They turned out very well! Then, Nick led Jeopardy with questions about the history, food traditions, farming and other fun facts about The Empire State of the South.

Time to cook! They chopped onions, peppers, and spices to go into the grits that they made. Then they boiled the shrimp and prepared some very sweet peach cobbler. The shrimp and grits followed by dessert were a huge hit! The Georgia Peaches pitched a helping hand while Alexa taught the rest of the kids how to play refrigerator tag! Take a look at our fun day!

Thursday- Louisiana

Thursday, we were ready to come home to the Boot. We started the day with dill pickling some cucumbers. Next., Audrey led a really cool draft, as the kids made their own close pin alligators, each with its own unique design and color scheme. Then, Nick lead a rousing game of Bingo with each column having its own relevant category: Creole foods, Cajun foods, General foods of Louisiana, and General foods of the South.

The kids began to prepare their own Po Boys, and really enjoyed using our soda machine and the syrup they made to concoct a sweet nectar soda. While the Jazzy Gators put together all the sandwiches, the rest of the groups went outside and played frogger. They came in sweaty and hungry, and devoured the local staple. 

Friday- Texas

Friday, everything got a little bigger with Texas. We started with making our cookbooks so that everyone could bring home the recipes they had learned that week and recreate them at home for friends and family. Many of the tables passed around their books and signed them yearbook style. Then, we played Snack Wars with the kids spitting into groups of 2 or 3. Everyone get hummus, raisins, pretzel sticks, and a cucumber for a body. They each came up with their own individualized creature with a name and a backstory, and then presented them to the camp. The campers then got to taste their monsters if they so chose.

On the culinary side, campers wrapped and dressed enchiladas, chopped tomato and avocado and tossed them with corn and a tangy base sauce to make a sweet and tangy fresh veggie salad for the side. Totally Texas popped the enchiladas in the oven and prepare for lunch while the other groups went outside and played both Cowboy and Ghost with Audrey. They came back in and reminisced a fun packed week over their self-created Tex Mex.

We had such an incredible week, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing your bright, respectful, fun loving kids with us!