How to Win Mother's Day: For the Kids

From Jennie Merrill, SoFAB's Director of Education

This is a plea to the kids. Parents, maybe want to hit the print button and leave it somewhere unassuming, like on top of the game controls or their pillow. This is a call to the kids to cook for your parents and I’m going to make it short, sweet, and with bullet points.

Domino Sugar Cookies-KIDS-52.jpg
  • Mothers Day and Fathers Day are both coming up. Maybe you would get mom a massage and dad a gift card, but why not get something that you can enjoy too? You’re not going with to the spa, but you could eat the fruits of your labor (see what I did there?) if you make them dinner or breakfast. And let’s be honest, everyone loves breakfast foods, and they’re usually the easiest to make.
  • I don’t know how old you are but I’m thinking there’s a good chance you don’t have an independent, steady income yet. You know how much a $30 Applebees gift card costs? $30. Do you have $30 laying around? I didn't think so. But you do have pantry ingredients laying around, and they’ve already been purchased!  Look through cookbooks, search around the internet by typing in what ingredients you have and see what pops up! If you don’t have something, don’t sweat it, try using something similar to it and experiment. 
  • I know you want to put your best foot forward with your parents, and show off your impressive culinary skills, but honestly, it’s not necessary. Parents love their kids’ quirks, the things that make them special and unique. They love when you stretch your creativity and try new skills! Most of all they love that you, this person that they love so much, thought to show them how much you love them in return. So don’t worry about messes or weird tastes, those all make for great stories.

Just make sure you have parent supervision and don’t use any fire or knives you’re not experienced with, and get creative! Just to get your wheels turning, here are 3 recipes that can be made with items found in most pantries and I’ll let you take it from there!

  1. Pancakes, spice it up with some fruit or Pumpkin Spice.
  2. Stirfry, you can use leftover rice, whatever veggies you want and whatever meat you have left over!
  3. Chili, basically a kitchen sink of pantry items with a bunch of cayenne, chili powder and cumin!