Chef Tower’s Constant Companion


If you were at the exclusive showing of The Last Magnificent, the movie about Chef Jeremiah Tower, then you may remember the small paperback book he has with him all the time. (Missed it? Read more about the event here!) His constant companion is The Alice B Toklas Cookbook.  You can find a copy of this book, same edition, with cover artwork by Pablo Picasso in the Boyd Hospitality and Culinary Library.  It was a real library nerd moment to share this Boyd Library treasure with Chef Tower. 

The Library also has Chef Tower’s most recent book, Table Manners, and Stars Desserts, written by the pastry chef at Chef Tower’s acclaimed (and now closed) San Francisco restaurant, Stars.

SoFAB hosted a book signing of Table Manners when it was released back in November, and copies are available for sale in the Museum’s gift shop.