What Would We Do Without You?

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'Tis the season for giving thanks and taking a moment to think of the many people who have helped you get through the year. Here at the Southern Food & Beverage Museum, we have many, many people who help us, from kind donors who offer us financial support, to our members who participate in our events and exhibits, from to our friends in the New Orleans community, to the visitors who wait outside our doors for the museum to open. 

We also have the many hard-working folks who have decided that they would rather spend their spare time with us at the museum, instead of Netflixing or doing laundry, exercising or hanging with friends. We don't always know why they've chosen to give up their fun activities to hang out at our events, or re-shelve books in the Culinary Library, or organize our collections, but we know that we wouldn't be there without them.

We have also been lucky to have an amazing crew of interns, year after year, who keep our exhibits up-to-date, our social media on point, and our kids camp running! To our interns, past and present, we know there are many opportunities for you to learn professional skills in New Orleans and beyond, and we are honored that the museum continues to be the choice of so many amazing people. May the skills you've learned with us help you tackle your next jobs and projects! The Southern Food & Beverage Museum is about to celebrate our 10 year anniversary in 2018, and we've had quite a few volunteers and interns who have offered their arms, their brains, and their love to keep us going. 

The entire National Food & Beverage Foundation, not just the museum, depends on our volunteers and interns to carry out many of our projects. With a small staff, a small budget, and huge ambitions to document the entire culinary world, our volunteer team is the key to just about everything. 

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To all of our current volunteers, the entire staff of NatFAB thanks you from the bottom of our hearts and we can't wait to see what we'll do together next! For anyone interested in volunteering, take minute to look at our opportunities here, and we hope you'll become part of our amazing team. Wishing you all a lovely holiday season, and hope to see you soon!