To Our Friends and Supporters

To our friends and supporters,

The idea of a museum devoted to food and drink was almost unheard of when the Southern Food & Beverage Museum opened its doors in June 2008. Passersby thought the museum was a restaurant, and a lot of explanations were needed. We began to slowly build the collection, as people found exciting artifacts in basements, fields, restaurant attics, and Grandmother’s kitchen drawers. The story of these artifacts helped create a space where food was considered an important transmitter of culture, to be studied and respected, to pass along techniques and stories, and to share the history of both the community of the present as well as the communities of the past. Everything we have achieved is because you believed and supported our mission, and in 2018, together we will celebrate 10 years of SoFAB!

As we look back on 2017 and all we have accomplished together, I want to thank you all for the gift of your time, energy, money, and resources. Thank you to our volunteers for the time, energy, and fun that you have brought to our programs and events. Without you SoFAB would not be able to share the joy and stories of Southern food and drink with visitors from across the globe and here at home. Thank you to our Cirque de Cuisine homeowners for welcoming us into your homes and becoming integral partners in our annual fundraiser. Your hospitality and generosity are an inspiration to us all. Thank you to our donors both great or small for your gifts that have helped us welcome thousands of visitors, share the stories of our culinary heritage, and reach new audiences. Thank you to our board members both past and present for your support and leadership. You helped bring an idea to life and tirelessly worked to introduce people from across the country to the Southern Food & Beverage Museum. Together we can appreciate our accomplishments and look forward the new friends, opportunities, and adventures that await us in 2018.

2018 will be a momentous year for SoFAB as we celebrate our 10th Anniversary, New Orleans’ Tricentennial, and more! Each month we will spotlight our unique programs and features from our Culinary Entrepreneurship Program to the Museum of the American Cocktail and all the other pieces that make up NatFAB! You can keep up with our 10th Anniversary events and programs here. We will celebrate the long-awaited opening of the Gumbo Garden, learn from our Italian friends about the food and drink we love at Italian Heritage Day, enjoy the Boyd Library, savor the list of places on the National Culinary Heritage Register, taste the once forbidden and still mysterious absinthe, and anticipate the opening of the Pacific Food & Beverage Museum.

Join us for the first step toward our next 10 years! If you can make a small donation to help us celebrate you can do so here.  We thank you for all of your support.

Wishing you a delicious holiday season,

Liz Williams, Founder and Director


And Now!

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