The Many Uses of Squash with Kids in the Kitchen

From Jennie Merrill, Director of Education

I can’t believe we’re getting to the end of our 2017 Kids in the Kitchen programming! November is all about the squash, and this Saturday we’re making spaghetti squash with butternut squash sauce. When tomatoes weren’t in season, many cultures, including the Italians, would substitute the creamy and sweet butternut squash, cooking it down till it could be pureed. While our climes are a bit more tropical, we’re going to follow that history and experiment with the many forms squash can take, noodle or sauce!

Next month is desserts, and I’m particularly excited for our fondue class on Sunday, December 10th. It looks like others are too as tickets are selling fast! This throwback class is going to take us back in time as we huddle around the chocolate pot, covering all the treats with dark or milk chocolate goodness. This, I should mention, is not a nutrition class.


When I was first moving into my first off-campus apartment, Mom scoured Goodwills and garage sales to prep me with all the things adults apparently needed in order to live productive and independent lives. One of those things was a fondue pot. Whether she thought it a genuine necessity or a funny gag I’ll never know, but I came into this adult world with a burnt-orange crockpot in one hand and a fondue pot in the other, ready to take on the world like it was 1972.

I hope your 7-11 year olds can join us for one, or all, of our three remaining classes! They’re each from 10-11:30 AM, and cost $20 ($15 for members). Tickets and more information can be found here. Keep your eyes on our newsletter for next year’s schedule, I have a few exciting programs I’ve been planning and can’t wait to see what y’all think.

See ya in the kitchen!


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