A Fantastic Cirque de Cuisine 2017!

From Holly Barrett

What an interesting day for SoFAB's third annual Cirque de Cuisine French Quarter Kitchen Tour!  Delayed one week by the threat of Hurricane Nate (who fortunately did not make landfall in New Orleans) all the homeowners, chefs, wine reps and volunteers joined together on the following Sunday to ensure the Tour guests had a great time.

Guests enjoyed delicious bites of food from a delightful array of restaurants, including Toups South, MayPop, Broussards, Wayne Jacobs Smokehouse/EAT, Mayhew Bakery with Chef Kevin O’Brien, Opal Basil/Briquette, Lettuce Host Catering, Dee-Lightful Cupcakes, Stokehold, Paul Prudhomme’s Magic Seasonings and Two Girls One Shuck.

We were treated to a great array of beverages this year, which complimented the foods beautifully. Fresh Gulf oysters from Two Girls One Shuck (some topped with Cajun Caviar!) were accented by Domaine Carneros Brut bubbles and a wonderful Cava from Spain. Cajun Piyah, a braised beef and gravy dish was enhanced by sips of Sam Adams Octoberfest. St. Roch Vodka cocktails embraced a Watermelon & Chorizo Salad with Oregano and a Crispy Rice Cracker, and a Biscuit with Chicken Liver Mousse and Pepper Jelly tasted fantastic with Roulaison’s blended cocktail. And so many more!

We hope all of our guests walked away with some new inspiration for their own kitchens; it was great fun to explore behind the normally mysterious French Quarter walls, into the private courtyards and balconies to see the heart of the homes.  


Many thanks to the homeowners that so generously opened up their doors to SoFAB's supporters and allowed us to explore beautiful houses.  Special thanks to the chefs that were able to step out of their own busy kitchens to share their dishes in other homes, and to our wine, cocktail, beer, coffee, soda and beverage purveyors for their generous donations and their time.

Also, we so appreciate our volunteers who cheerfully guided guests and welcomes each one.  We hope to see everyone at our next Tour!