Quick Bites: Making Dim Sum With Maypop's Michael Gulotta


Michael Gulotta began a Southeast Asian food revolution when he opened MoPho in New Orleans’ Mid City in 2014. His use of classic Louisiana ingredients like cochon de lait and hogs head cheese in what otherwise might be an authentic Vietnamese bowl of pho or bahn mi sandwich has caught the fancy of the entire nation.  By 2016, Food and Wine Magazine pegged him as one of America’s Best Chefs.  In 2017, Michael opened a second restaurant in New Orleans’ Market District, Maypop. Here, he’s continuing to bend the lines on what Southeast Asian cooking means in South Louisiana. On weekends at Maypop, Michael is serving dim sum brunch – his way.  He invited the Louisiana Eats crew into the Maypop kitchen to learn how to make soup dumplings, one of the most difficult dim sum dishes to execute.  Michael’s secret? House made hogshead cheese! When it comes to Chinese cuisine, I love chili wonton! Hsiao-Ching Chou, Seattle based cooking teacher, shares her secrets on how to make them and other delicious dumplings in her new book, Chinese Soul Food.  Hsiao-Ching joins us on a future episode of Louisiana Eats, but in the meantime, learn how to make her chili wonton here.

They’re delicious, but those hogshead soup dumplings at Maypop, are some real – Louisiana Eats!