Louisiana Eats: Sex, Violence & Hospitality

Editor's note: this episode contains accounts of sexual assault. On this week's show, we take a look at sexual harassment and abuse in the restaurant industry. We speak with service industry leader Tyler Chauvin, who has confronted sexual harassment directly over the course of her career. Now the general manager at Trèo in New Orleans, Tyler has become an unapologetic voice for change, advocating the need to challenge industry norms.

Louisiana Eats: Chef Carl Schaubhut

Chef Carl Schaubhut is a culinary dynamo. The New Orleans native behind Bacobar on the Northshore and DTB in Uptown is known for his innovative menus that marry regional and international flavors. "To say that food was part of life is a literal explanation. I mean, it is life. It's every day," Carl told Louisiana Eats host Poppy Tooker. In part one of our interview, Carl shares stories from his electrifying culinary career