Always fascinated by the way the lure of nutmeg and peppercorns motivated the exploration of the world, Liz Williams was lucky to be born into a family of Sicilian heritage in New Orleans. She grew up eating in these two great food traditions. She is a founder of the Southern Food & Beverage Museum and President of the National Food & Beverage Foundation. Much of her research and writing centers on issues related to the culture of food and drink in New Orleans. She also writes and consults about food museums. 

Her book, coauthored with Stephanie Jane Carter, The Encyclopedia of Law and Food, was published by Greenwood Publishing in 2011. In 2013 AltaMira published New Orleans: A Food Biography. Lift Your Spirits: A Celebratory History of Cocktail Culture in New Orleans, co-authored with Chris McMillian, was published by LSU Press spring 2016. Signed copies of her books are available through the Southern Food & Beverage Museum's gift shop.


Liz is available to speak on any one or all of the following topics, or she is able to design a topic just for your organization.:

  • The history of the cocktail in New Orleans

  • The origin and evolution of Creole and Cajun Cuisines, and their differences

  • U. S. food policy regarding GMO foods, additives, and the obesity controversies.

  • Culinary Diplomacy, promoting international understanding through exchange of foodways across cultures.

  • How the South developed a distinct regional cuisine.

  • The history of the Southern Food &Beverage Museum and the impact of its programs.

To see Liz's resume, click here. To book her for a lively discussion about food, drink, and food museums, contact Grace Goodrich at


  • Food Museums

Interested in starting your own food museum? Liz has been instrumental in personally opening several museums with her work in the National Food & Beverage Foundation. She has worked with several other organizations around the country, through every stage of development, from concept to initial funding ideas to curatorial decisions. Contact her for more information. 

  • Food Policy

In a former life, Liz was a ... lawyer, an occupation that gave her a passion for understanding and influencing policy. Food policy is an area that affects nearly every aspect of modern life, but most of us are unaware of the impact of legislation and rulings on our daily meal. Liz is available for consultations, thoughtful articles, and advice.

  • Education

The main thread that ties Liz's background together is a true desire to share what she knows about food, drink, and culture, and to educate a variety of audiences on these subjects. Liz is available for public talks, as a panelist, a guest lecturer, and much more. 


  • Poppy Tooker, host of WWNO's Louisiana Eats! radio food program, interviewed Liz Williams about her book, New Orleans: A Food Biography. Hear the whole episode here.

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