Here at the Southern Food & Beverage Museum we strive to get children involved and interested in cultural, nutritional, and culinary learning. We have a variety of programs that introduce kids K-12 to the kitchen to learn about nutrition, culture, and healthy habits.

Kids In The Kitchen is a bi-monthly, hour and a half long cooking program we created that provides hands-on training for children 7-11 years old. During this time we've taught everything from making pies to sushi from scratch. We teach basic chopping techniques to making a roux to baking. We are also introducing our first Master Classes, which are for kids 11-13 looking to get a more detailed, small-class experience fitting their age and skill level.

Each summer we have our SoFAB Kids Culinary Camp, which is a week-long, half day camp dedicated to teaching nutritional literacy through food preparation, games, and, the best part, eating!

Throughout the year we also schedule field trips for schools around the country. We have nutrition and history based food games for larger groups who come to tour. Additionally, we have scavenger hunts for our visiting kids K-12 (and those just young at heart) upon request at the front desk.

Scout troops have enjoyed pasta demonstrations, 2 hour programs where they start the pasta from scratch, shape the shells themselves, enjoy a tour, and then eat their handiwork! This has also been a good class for our SPED friends!

In-school presentations are available for any age range. Topics can be focused on, or a mixture of:

  • The Story of Creole Food

  • The Difference Between Cajun and Creole Cuisine

  • The African Influence on Southern Food

  • The Native American Influence on Southern Food

  • The Irish Influence on Southern Food

We've taught students of all ages and ability levels the vast history behind Southern food through their senses. We strongly believe that by training kids early how to take control of their own food choices, by empowering them through skill and knowledge, we are not only continuing the unique cultural heritage of Southern food, but preparing kids to take an active role in their health. These programs are not only ways to teach culinary literacy, but to have hands-on fun!


SoFAB's Director of Education, Jennie Merrill, has developed lesson plans for a range of ages, subjects, and activities. You can view her lesson plans and teacher resources here.


Bringing a group? See our Group Visit Page to enhance your visit. Please contact SoFAB directly by email or 504-569-0405 to learn more.


Updates from On the Line


Introducing the Kids in the Kitchen Incentive Program!

Each time your student replicates a dish made during camp or a Kids in the Kitchen program and sends a picture of them in action to Jennie Merrill (, they will receive a chef hat cut out. We'll write their name on that cut out which will go on a wall in the Museum. Here are the prizes!

  • 5 chef hats= SoFAB Creole Spice

  • 10 chef hats= SoFAB apron

  • 15 chef hats= Choose the Menu- You get to choose the theme of the next class! Whatever YOU want to make (within reason and consultation with Jennie).

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SoFAB is proud to be a content partner with Streamable Learning to offer high quality educational content for classrooms around the country. 




Many thanks to the following organizations for supporting children's programming at the Southern Food & Beverage Museum.

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