Frequently Asked Questions for Children's Programs at the Southern Food & Beverage Museum

1. What’s up with the Member/Nonmember Ticket Prices and which should I pick?

Multiple week tickets are an incentive and a thank you for registration.  It does not include multiple children in a family attending, only multiple weeks that one child is attending. All membership levels qualify you for the camp discount, except the Student/Hospitality Industry level. Purchase a membership here.


2. My child is 11 but very advanced for their age, can they go into the Middle School program? My 6 year old uses real knives already, can they go to camp even though they aren't 7?  My child is 11 and her cousin is 12, can they go to the same camp? My 14 year old will be out of town over the Middle School week, can they go to the 7-11 year old camp?:

Unfortunately, no. We understand that some kids have more experience in the kitchen for their age, but the age groups weren't only created because of a generalized skill level, but for peer reasons. So, that being said, we're sticklers to the age groups until we find a successful solution for some of our culinary ingénues. We also understand that kids of all ages love to cook, unfortunately we aren't yet at a place where we can accommodate widening our age ranges.

3. My child has severe food allergies but loves to cook, should I register them?:

It would be an insurmountable task to make a camp around one child's dietary needs, but we do what we can within reason to make sure your child has something to eat when we all sit down at the end of the day. I would use this rule of thumb: If your child is only allergic to ingredients that are ingested, we can work with that, if they are allergic to food products just by being in proximity to them I would advise you to consider if this is the camp for them.


4. My 14 year old really loves to cook but is already pretty advanced, will they have fun if I sign them up?:

I know 30 kids who did last year! We are constantly working on ways to engage this age group, by bringing in guest speakers with expertise in certain culinary areas, tasting stations, middle-school themed cooking games we found successful, and of course being in a group with peers. That being said, it is no culinary boot-camp, and there are some introductory elements (how to use an immersion blender, herbs, history lessons), but they will have fun and get to experiment in the kitchen.

5. My child has an IEP, will camp be right for them? they like to cook and eat? This can be a complicated question to answer, so here's the simple version: Email me. My work background is with kids and adults with special needs and it is very important to me to maintain an inclusive camp for all kids. That being said, there are a lot of things for me to manage during camp and I want to make sure it's the right decision for your child.

6. What are the themes for each week? I promise I won't tell.....

Don't know yet! Each week's theme is planned by our awesome and creative interns about a week or two in advance, so we don't sell tickets based on themes. I can guarantee that we won't make the same food twice, so you can sign up for multiple weeks without worrying if there will be overlap. I email the parents the Wednesday before each camp week and I'll let you know then.


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