Shakers, Knives and Irons

On display through Spring 2018

This exhibit is an exploration of the designs, the motivations, and the creativity of the bartenders and chefs who wear the ink, and tattoo artists who design it. The expansion in the appreciation of the art and craft of cooking and cocktails has spread to the skin of chefs and bartenders where their creativity has been extended into something more permanent than the ephemeral nature of food and drink.  Join us to see the subject matter of these tattoos, the differences in them, and the stories behind them. 

Tattoos allow the chefs and bartenders to make their passions a literal and permanent and visible part of themselves. By wearing their hearts on their sleeves – so to speak – they invite us to explore.  Let’s take them up on that invitation.

About the Photographer

Born in Mid-City New Orleans, Romney Caruso used the distinctiveness of his surrounding to train his eye in the art of alluring image creation. Through dedication to his craft, his skills garnered him numerous awards and brought him national attention. True to the roots of his environment he grew up in, he kept focus on the things that truly matter:  love of family, great music, and superior food. For over 25 years Romney has brought to light his award winning style for many to enjoy. His greatest reward is derived from working with the people that he has met on his sessions, including professional athletes, world famous chefs, and individuals from various walks of life.

--from Ade Herbert on