La Galerie de l'Absinthe

La Galerie de l'Absinthe showcases the Absinthe collection of Raymond Bordelon. With an extensive collection of absinthe through the years, absinthe spoons, absinthe cocktail recipes, and absinthe fountains, this gallery explores the world of absinthe.

A collection that will appeal to both connoisseurs and amateurs of the elusive “green fairy” – absinthe, La Galerie de l’Absinthe beckons with the allure of the forbidden and the evidence of scholarship.  The once banned, but celebrated drink, is once again legal.  The gallery, the only one of its kind in the U.S., was founded by Raymond Bordelon, whose collection is devoted solely to the education and preservation of this unique spirit, Absinthe.

Located within the Southern Food and Beverage Museum, La Galerie de l’Absinthe offers a special tour through the early days of absinthe with its romantic association with writers, painters and other Bohemians, as well as the times of its prohibition.  Modern absinthe is not forgotten, and there is a special emphasis on the historic connections between New Orleans and Paris and absinthe drinking in New Orleans.