Creative Kitchen of Al Copeland

On April 17th at the Eat! Drink! SoFAB! Grand Opening Gala, the “Creative Kitchen of Al Copeland” exhibit was unveiled. The 200 square foot exhibit showcases the life of Al Copeland, a successful local entrepreneur who founded the Popeyes Chicken fast food chain along with many other restaurant concepts and brought the flavors and spices of New Orleans to the rest of the world.

This exhibit takes you through the passionate life of Al Copeland from his time as a poor boy working at Schwegmanns, to his creation of his famous spicy fried chicken made exclusively for Popeyes, to his passing from a rare form of cancer and the starting of the Al Copeland Foundation to find a cure. Al Copeland was known for his spicy chicken, restaurants, Christmas lights, living on the “fast track” and so much more!