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Pacific Taste

Pacific Taste is an ongoing series of culinary talks and workshops hosted by the Pacific Food & Beverage Museum in venues across Southern California. Research Fellow Linda Civitello, Curator Richard Foss, Chef Ernest Miller, and others deliver lively lectures and lead hands-on workshops demonstrating the rich culinary traditions and distinctive cuisines of the Pacific Coast and American West. 

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Charles Dickens, Queen Victoria, and Christmas in 19th-Century California
Presented by Culinary Historians of Southern California
Saturday, December 16 from 2-3:30 PM at the Palisades Branch Library, Pacific Palisades, CA

We think of the Christmas feast as an ancient tradition, but in many ways it isn’t. It was actually illegal to celebrate Christmas in Puritan New England, and where it was celebrated in England and America, they did things quite differently than we do today. In California, which had been ruled by the Spanish and later was part of Mexico, Spanish traditions held on long after the stars and stripes flew here. Culinary historian Richard Foss explains Christmas feast traditions from the days of the conquistadors and the pilgrims and how a short story and a German prince influenced the way we celebrate the holiday in California today.


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