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¡TANGOVINO! An Evening of Dance, Music, Food, Wine & Spirits

  • Deco Art Deco Penthouse Loft 520 W. Eighth St. San Pedro, CA 90731 United States (map)


An Evening of Dance, Music, Food, Wine & Spirits

Celebrating the Anniversary of PacFAB's Opening

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In 2018, LA's Pacific Food & Beverage Museum opened its doors. Since then, PacFAB has built a loyal and growing following that relies on PacFAB for a steady diet of delicious, enlightening, and entertaining food and drink exhibits and culinary programming. On Saturday, August 17, join us in celebrating the first anniversary of our opening with an evening of Argentine food from some of the city's best Argentine chefs, live music by Los Angeles del Tango, tango demonstrations and lessons courtesy Tango San Pedro and Silvia Askenazi, California wines from Napa Valley's Highlands Winery and Glenn Caster, plus spirits and more.
Admission includes a buffet supper of Argentine food, welcome cocktail, California wine and spirits tastings, live music, a tango demonstration, and group tango lesson.

Dinner is $69 for all National Food & Beverage Foundation (NatFAB), hospitality industry, Culinary Historians of Southern California, and SoCal wine and spirits club members, or $79 for non-members, and includes tax and gratuity. Space is strictly limited, and reservations are required. NatFAB membership is available to all at


A portion of all proceeds support NatFAB, home of PacFAB, The Museum of the American Cocktail, and the Southern Food & Beverage Museum.

A range of Argentine dishes from some of the city's best Argentine chefs

Welcome Cocktail

Highlands Winery

Cabernet Sauvignon


Pinot Noir



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Dancing with another human being in close embrace improves our state of well-being. We feel happier. We become part of a healthy community. We learn a language that we can speak anywhere on the planet. Give it a try. You'll see through your own experience why Tango is described as the best and most interesting partner dance.



Silvia Askenazi, Founder of Tango San Pedro, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and moved to Los Angeles 14 years ago, where she started dancing Tango in 2004, learning from many of the local teachers and milongueros, and from visiting teachers and Maestros from Argentina.

In 2005, after being invited to perform in a show with other afficionados, and she decided she wanted to dedicate more time to the dance and get more involved in the community. She then started to train and perform regularly in many Los Angeles venues. In 2009, she opened her own Tango studio, where she teaches group and private classes and organizes Milongas and Practicas, where members of the Tango community enjoy and share their passion for this dance.

She travels to Buenos Aires every year to explore and improve her skills as a dancer and teacher, training mostly at Estudio Dinzel. Her focus when teaching Tango is on improvisation and creativity.

Her tour to Buenos Aires, "The Tango Adventure," takes a group of afficionados every year since 2015 for eight nights of activities that include classes with local teachers, city sightseeing, milongas, shows, and more.

At Highlands Winery, we produce elegant wines from very select vineyards, and while we offer a full range, including Merlot and Pinot Noir, we specialize in two varietals from select growers: Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel. We craft these wines by hand from small lots with great attention to detail and age our wines in French Oak barrels for 24 to 36 months before carefully bottling them for your enjoyment.

Our Cabernet Sauvignon exhibits intense flavors on your palate, and the crafted elegance makes them delicious both when they are young and as they age. The handcrafted complexities, along with the character of our premium grapes, give our Cabernets the basis to develop beautifully over the next four to six years.

Our Zinfandels are renowned for the characters of red fruit, reminiscent of spicy black pepper with hints of cocoa. These are powerful and mouth-filling wines with enough elegance and finesse to soften the palate and make them easy to pair with foods. Highlands Zinfandels exude elegance and are a pleasurable addition to any meal.

To support the specific needs of our select domestic and foreign distributors, we from time to time develop custom bottlings. In conjunction with this effort, and at the request of one of our partners, Glenn Caster, the new brand, Tangovino, was introduced in 2019. The brand is targeted to the rapidly growing Argentine tango community in North America, in which Mr. Caster is an active participant. Each bottling features tango photography or artwork from respected professionals from within the community.

A biomedical engineer turned entrepreneur, Glenn Caster parlayed his extensive experience in pharmaceuticals and medical device product sterilization into an opportunity in the wine and beer industry. With the development of the SWASH portable electric steam generator nearly 20 years ago, the little used practice of steam sanitizing and sterilizing winery and brewery equipment became practical and is today widely employed. When approached by a customer to join a group of investors to acquire a winery brand, Mr. Caster jumped in, and Highlands Winery expanded his participation in the industry.

Some years later, Mr. Caster was introduced to Argentine tango and got hooked. He has been studying the music and learning the techniques of tango from Silvia Askenazi of Tango San Pedro for over five years now.

Experiencing that dance organizers, who often offered wine at their events, were on a tight budget and were providing lower quality wines, Mr. Caster, ever the entrepreneur, saw an opportunity for Highlands to develop an affordable higher quality wine targeted to the tango community. And so Tangovino wine, “inspired by the passion of the dance,” was born.

Los Angeles del Tango is a musical ensemble dedicated to bringing the sounds of Argentina and live tango music to the people and tango community of Los Angeles.
Band Members

Keiko Cadby - violin

Mary Ann Sereth - acoustic bass

Francis Soriano - bandoneón

Jeff White - acoustic guitar

Olga Khokhlova - piano