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Owney's Rum: Spirits of New York with Distiller Bridget Firtle

  • Lost Property Bar & Kitchen 1704 Vine Street Los Angeles, CA 90028 United States (map)

Owney's Rum: Spirits of New York with Distiller Bridget Firtle

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The Noble Experiment NYC is New York's first rum-only distillery since Prohibition, and it's there that Founder & Head Distiller Bridget Firtle makes Owney's Rum, returning rum making to the city after a nearly century-long absence. On Wednesday, August 14, join The Museum of the American Cocktail in welcoming Bridget to Hollywood for a very special Meet-the-Distiller edition of our popular Private Tastings series. Under the distiller's expert guidance, experience Owney's three expressions—Distiller's Reserve, Owney's Blend, and Limited Edition Overproof. Plus enjoy Owney's in three MOTAC Custom Cocktails, courtesy master bartender Daniel Mann Barnes, and support The Museum of the American Cocktail!


Owney's Rum

  • Owney's Original New York City Distiller's Reserve Rum

  • Owney's Blend (Brooklyn & Dominican Republic)

  • Owney's New York City Limited Edition Overproof Rum



Like that of many modern distillers, Bridget Firtle’s path seems unconventional—but her passion, combined with her life experience, made her the ideal candidate to lead the rum revival in the United States.

Bridget Firtle is a native New Yorker descended from a long line of Brooklyn-based small business owners. Raised in Rockaway Beach, Queens, with a once-bustling speakeasy for a basement, she became enamored with spirits culture at an early age. Bridget led a successful Wall Street career after college and obtained an MBA in Finance. She worked as a financial analyst for several years at a hedge fund where she studied the liquor industry. There she gained an even greater appreciation for small batch spirits and for the revolution occurring in American craft distilling. And so she decided to study the craft of distilling.

In 2012, inspired by history and a vision to bring rum distilling back to her hometown of New York City, Bridget made the leap from Wall Street, moved back into her family home in Queens, and founded Owney’s Rum, coupling her love of rum with her entrepreneurial dreams. Within the first year of operating the first exclusive rum distillery in New York in 90-plus years, Bridget began receiving national recognition, including securing a spot on the coveted Forbes "30 Under 30" list. Most recently Bridget was named one of the Imbibe Magazine "75 People to Watch."

As Founder and Head Distiller of Owney’s Rum, Bridget continually strives to develop a fun and innovative business where the crafting and drinking of rum are treated as both an art and a science.



The Noble Experiment NYC, New York City's first exclusive rum distillery since Prohibition, opened in 2012. It was founded by New York native Bridget Firtle, who produced the distillery’s first release, Owney’s Distiller’s Reserve Rum, named in honor of iconic Prohibition-era hustler and rum runner Owen “Owney” Madden. Inspired by Owney’s entrepreneurial spirit and true grit, Bridget sought to revitalize the rum trade in New York City and opened the distillery dedicated to making her favorite spirit.

Owney’s Distiller’s Reserve Rum is the first rum created by Founder & Head Distiller Bridget Firtle. Distiller’s Reserve is a super-premium white rum that is full of character and complexity and completely made in New York City. Inspired by her love of two traditional styles of rum—rhum agricole and high-ester-content Jamaican rum—Owney’s is made with three simple, quality ingredients: all-natural, non-GMO, sugarcane molasses; yeast; and New York City water.

Bridget’s newest release is a super-premium blend of her original Owney’s Distiller’s Reserve and imported, two-year-old Dominican rum that is filtered before blending. This latest release of Owney’s Rum is a throwback to Prohibition-era rums in which resourceful bootleggers, or rum runners, blended American rums with aged Caribbean rum in an effort to extend limited reserves and served it up in speakeasies.

Owney’s Rum is blended and bottled at the distillery in New York City. There is no other white rum quite like it—smooth but with a true New York City edge.