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Don't Spare the Bitters! Seasoning the Cocktail with Seth Benhaim

  • The Infusery 2332 E. Eighth Street Los Angeles, CA 90021 United States (map)

Don't Spare the Bitters! Seasoning the Cocktail with Seth Benhaim

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The Old Fashioned, the Manhattan, and the Martini, three of history's best-known and most well-loved cocktails, owe their distinctive character to bitters, or liquid seasoning, as much as to the base spirits—bourbon, rye, and gin or vodka—upon which they're built. On Monday, July 29, join The Museum of the Cocktail and Seth Benhaim, CEO of Infuse Spirits, at The Infusery, the LA Arts District's new spirits emporium, for a liquid lesson in the history and practice of infusing the cocktail.

Along the way, you'll enjoy multiple renditions of several cocktails, all built on the company's signature Bourbon, Rye, and Vodka expressions, and each rendered distinct from one another by the mere use of one flavor of bitters—Cardamom, Clove, or Ginger—rather than another—Lemon Pepper, Sassafras, or Szechuan. After the program, make—and take home!—a bottle of your own handcrafted Infuse Spirits bitters.

Admission includes a light supper, cocktails, a lesson in making your own bitters, and a bottle of bitters custom made by you!

Tickets are $40 for National Food & Beverage Foundation (NatFAB), USBG, SoCal Culinary & Spirits Clubs, and Hospitality Industry members, $45 General Admission in advance, and $50 at the door (if available). NatFAB membership is available to all at

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I began Infuse Spirits after recognizing the world was in desperate need of a new kind of vodka, one that offered an authentic process and flavor to match. I experienced the magic of a truly hand-made infused spirit while on vacation and was stunned to find this concept was unavailable anywhere except high-end cocktail bars. So naturally, I felt compelled to create such a product myself.

One year and a few hundred samples later, I launched Infuse Spirits. Just three months after launching, we won Double-Gold & Best-in-Show at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. We were one of the youngest companies ever to win this award. Then I went on to win the Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the 2015 Nightclub & Bar Show.

Today, Infuse has an award-winning portfolio of Bourbon, Rye, Bitters, and Vodka, all of which are available in over 33 states and several major retail chains. We also just opened our flagship venue, The Infusery, in Downtown Los Angeles.

There is great passion at Infuse Spirits. We work tirelessly to ensure every bottle is balanced, smooth, and bursting with character and flavor. If you haven't tasted our products, we hope you get to soon.