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Gin's Italian Roots: A Malfy Renaissance with Jean-Marie Manning

  • Pacific Food and Beverage Museum 731 S. Pacific Ave. San Pedro, CA 90731 United States (map)

Pacific Taste is an ongoing series of culinary demos, talks, and workshops hosted by the Pacific Food & Beverage Museum in Los Angeles. A wide range of culinary professionals, cookbook authors, PacFAB curators, and others deliver lively lectures and lead tastings and hands-on workshops demonstrating the rich culinary traditions and distinctive cuisines of the American West, Pacific Rim, and beyond.

Gin's Italian Roots: A Malfy Renaissance

with Jean-Marie Manning

While closely identified with the Dutch, gin has deep Italian roots, dating to the 11th century, when monks starting distilling juniper-based spirits for medicinal use. Now Malfy, the first Italian gin imported to the US, brings the spirit full circle with four exceptional expressions, including three with unique profiles that feature grapefruit, lemon, and orange high in the botanical mix. On Saturday, May 18, taste all four—and hear the story of gin's Italian birth and global growth—when Biggar & Leith's Jean-Marie Manning visits LA's Pacific Food & Beverage Museum for an afternoon of gin discovery and tasting. After the program, enjoy snacks courtesy PacFAB Director Tracey Mitchell and featuring fresh fare from Melissa's Produce.


  • Malfy Italian Gin

    • Originale

    • Con Arancia

    • Con Limone

    • Gin Rosa



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Jean-Marie Manning is an alumna of Johnson & Wales University and holds a Level 3 Award from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust. She spent the greater part of her early career in the hospitality industry, training colleagues to be the best at what they do. After working for a variety of companies, including Westin Hotels, Rare Hospitality, and Legal Seafoods, the skilled restaurant and training specialist with over 15 years' experience in customer service formed her own hospitality consulting firm, JM Restaurant Consulting.

Since relocating to Southern California in 2016, Jean-Marie has served as Western Market Manager for Biggar & Leith, fourth-generation spirits merchants. She is focused on growing Biggar & Leith's brands through awareness and sales by building consumer loyalty and trust. Jean-Marie is passionate about the spirits industry and believes that we drink says a lot about our culture, history, and aspirations.



Biggar & Leith is an 18th-century wine and spirits merchant started by our founder’s great-great-great-great grandfather, Thomas Gladstone. Thomas left his home in Biggar, Scotland, in 1746 for the port of Leith, near Edinburgh, where he apprenticed and then started his own wine and spirits merchant.

Elwyn Gladstone, Founder of Biggar & Leith, owns a small portfolio of fine spirits from established, family-owned distilleries which are dedicated to innovation and quality. Elwyn searches the globe for brands the bottles of which transmit the personality and stories of the people who make them.

Biggar & Leith is based in the New York area and is building a distribution network across the world. We have distribution in the USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Italy, and South Africa.