MOTAC Tuesday Tastings: Toasting La Niña: Mezcal, Sotol, and More

  • Westbound 300 South Santa Fe Avenue Los Angeles, CA, 90013 United States
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MOTAC Tuesday Tastings continue at Westbound, one of the new stars of LA's Arts District.

Join La Niña del Mezcal Founder Cecilia Murrieta and The Museum of the American Cocktail for an expert-guided tasting of agave and near-agave spirits. Featured pours include Espadín, Pechuga, Madrecuixe, Bacanora, Primario, and the La Niña portfolio's newly introduced Sotol.

Sales of the evening's "MOTAC Custom Cocktail" benefit The Museum of the American Cocktail.

Admission is FREE, but please RSVP below.