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Organic Spirits: A Gallery Talk & Tasting with Master Distiller Melkon Khosrovian

  • Pacific Food and Beverage Museum 731 S. Pacific Ave. San Pedro, CA 90731 United States (map)

Pacific Taste is an ongoing series of culinary talks and workshops hosted by the Pacific Food & Beverage Museum in venues across Southern California. Research Fellow Linda Civitello, Curator Richard FossChef Ernest Miller, and others deliver lively lectures and lead hands-on workshops demonstrating the rich culinary traditions and distinctive cuisines of the Pacific Coast and American West. 

Organic Spirits: A Gallery Talk & Tasting with Master Distiller Melkon Khosrovian


As if distilling weren't work enough, rendering spirits that are certified organic intensifies that work. And for master distiller Melkon Khosrovian, opening Greenbar Distillery, the first distillery in post-Prohibition Los Angeles, proved a challenge singular and great. On Saturday, December 8, at LA's Pacific Food & Beverage Museum in San Pedro, hear Melkon's story and get a history lesson in distilling in the City of Angels, from the 18th century to the present, plus taste seven premium examples of this distiller's art.



  • SLOW HAND Six Woods Whiskey

  • CITY Bright Gin


  • IXÁ Silver Tequila

  • FRUITLAB Ginger Liqueur

  • TRU Garden Vodka

  • BAR KEEP Orange Bitters

Admission is FREE, but please RSVP below.


About the Presenter

Melkon Khosrovian is the co-founder and spiritsmaker at Greenbar Distillery, one of the oldest craft distilleries in the US and maker of a line of flavorful, organic California spirits. Greenbar Distillery began as a hobby when Melkon and his wife, Litty, the other founder and spiritsmaker, got engaged in 2002 and started to meet the relatives. Litty hated the taste of the straight vodkas and fruit brandies Melkon's family served for toasts to the new couple. To ensure that his fiancée could participate in the family tradition, Melkon started making complex infusions so she could have something tasty to drink on these occasions. She liked the layered flavors much better than the previous "nail polish removers" and began to participate in the family tradition of toasting and sipping spirits with meals. Soon, friends and family started asking for bottles, and then their friends and so on. Two years into this delicious hobby, Melkon and Litty decided to turn their pastime into a profession in 2004 by launching Greenbar Distillery.