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Drinking Dented Brick: Part 2—More Spirits of Salt Lake with Channalyn Tek

  • Lost Property Bar and Kitchen 1704 Vine St. Hollywood, CA 90028 United States (map)
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While Utah is historically associated with teetotalism and the temperance movement, the state is increasingly a center of distilling and fine American-made spirits. On Tuesday, February 26, join The Museum of the American Cocktail and Dented Brick Distillery, built on land that once was the site of Utah's first distiller of record, for a complimentary tasting of rums, vodka, and gin led by Dented Brick VP Channalyn Tek. After the tasting, enjoy the evening's featured spirits in three MOTAC Custom Cocktails, courtesy master bartender Rhino Williams, and support The Museum of the American Cocktail!.




  • Jan Stephenson Silver

  • Jan Stephenson Mango

  • Jan Stephenson Passion Fruit

  • Jan Stephenson Pineapple


  • Premium Craft Well


  • Premium Craft Well



A few years back, a small group of entrepreneurs from Utah, “UTAHENEURS,” gathered in my office to start the weekend with a CRAFT cocktail hour. As usual, we were discussing what was going to be the next big thing in start-up business.

I had just turned 50, the oldest in the group, so in reality the topic that evening was more about pursuing ventures that were in line with our life passions before our time was up!

As the conversation (and the drinks) continued to flow, the group discussed the things we found to be important in living our lives…like living purposefully in wild Utah among the Wasatch and Uinta Mountains, enjoying all the outdoor recreation Utah has to offer, and imbibing fine hand-crafted spirits.

As a long-time skier, cyclist, and fisherman, I proclaimed that I knew precisely what the gang should do. “Let’s build a world-class distillery in Salt Lake City…we may not make a dime, but at least we’ll be pursuing our passions, our outdoor lifestyle, and drinking only the finest hand-crafted spirits from our distillery.”

The rest, they say, is ancient history.