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Dive Deep with Silent Pool Gin: A Deconstructed Gin Tasting with Sam Neville-Towle

  • Lost Property Bar and Kitchen 1704 Vine St. Hollywood, CA 90028 United States (map)
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Silent Pool Gin & The Museum of the American Cocktail invite you to an evening of gin discovery, history, and tasting. Silent Pool's multi-award winning gin captures the essence of the English countryside and tells the tale of the spirit’s rich and centuries-old history.

Led by brand ambassador Sam Neville-Towle, the tasting journey begins with Silent Pool Gin, an introduction to the distillery, and an exploration of its unique aromas and tastes. Then guests take the deep dive, tasting three separate distillates: Maceration, Tea Infusion, and Silent Pool's unique blend of basket ingredients. Taken together, these showcase techniques used in pre-distillation to harness the very best flavors from 24 botanicals. Finally, Silent Pool's atomized liquid garnishes, designed to add life to any cocktail, will treat the senses and conclude the journey.

After the tasting, enjoy Silent Pool Gin in three MOTAC Custom Cocktails, courtesy master bartender Rhino Williams, and support The Museum of the American Cocktail!

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Featured Pours:

Silent Pool Gin

  • Silent Pool Distillates

    • Maceration

    • Tea Infusion

    • Basket Botanicals

  • Silent Pool Liquid Garnishes

    • Bergamot Orange

    • Kaffir Lime



Silent Pool Gin is a classic gin at heart: full bodied and fresh, with depth, clarity, and, above all else, flavor. Produced with 24 unique botanicals, it is a rich and clean juniper-driven spirit, with floral layers of lavender and chamomile. Fresh notes of citrus and kaffir lime are grounded with the subtle sweetness of local honey, creating a well-balanced gin that is both traditional and refreshingly individual.