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Beer Before Bread: Brewing Civilization with Charles Wolschon

  • Pacific Food and Beverage Museum 731 S. Pacific Ave. San Pedro, CA 90731 United States (map)

Pacific Taste is an ongoing series of culinary demos, talks, and workshops hosted by the Pacific Food & Beverage Museum in Los Angeles. A wide range of culinary professionals, cookbook authors, PacFAB curators, and others deliver lively lectures and lead tastings and hands-on workshops demonstrating the rich culinary traditions and distinctive cuisines of the American West, Pacific Rim, and beyond.


The "beer before bread" theory holds that civilization owes its existence to brewing rather than farming. But does it hold water? Yes! On Saturday, April 20, at LA's Pacific Food & Beverage Museum, join Charles Wolschon for the fascinating story of beer and taste some of its finest examples from around the world. After the program, enjoy snacks courtesy PacFAB Director Tracey Mitchell and featuring fresh from Melissa's Produce while Charles signs copies of his new book, Pubs to Have a Pint In: London.



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London is a magnificent metropolis with hundreds of years of history, culture, economics, and, of course, pubs, a staple of British tradition dating back several centuries. These watering holes for the thirsty range from the historic to the quirky, with a few being landmarks, while some can just be a great place to have a nice pint of ale and a good conversation after a hard day’s work.

With so much tradition and so many great pubs around the city, searching for that “one” pub can be a fun but lengthy adventure. "Pubs to Have a Pint In: London" is a full-color book containing photos and in-depth historical text on 30 London pubs that the author deemed of sufficient character, warmth, hospitality, and high-quality range of ales and lagers. Whether you're traveling to London, a pub enthusiast, a beer snob, or just looking for a different take on some of the unique historical facts of London, this is your book. If one can't have a pint in these pubs, then reading this would be the next best thing.


Charles Wolschon, a man on a seemingly never-ending quest for the perfect pint, has a passion for pubs, ales, and the fine breweries that handcraft extraordinary beverages. While living on and off between Los Angeles and England for the past few years and touring England early in his career, Charles developed a keen interest in and passion for the country, British history, and the world of pubs and English-style ale. This passion developed to the point that he became a craft beer brewer himself.

While brewing for the better part of 10 years, working as a consultant for assorted breweries, and hosting beer tastings and pairings, this part-time ambition became a full-time passion. As a result, the book series Pubs to Have a Pint In, which focuses on the history of pubs, breweries, and the brewing industry in cities around the world, was born

A life-long musician, Charles’s work in Los Angeles and England can be divided between three major categories: composing music for film and television, classical composition, and conducting. After working at Remote Control Productions (formerly Media Ventures), Charles started Dark Element Music to focus on film, television, and video game scoring. His film credits include the 1922 black and white horror film Nosferatu, directed by F.W. Murnau, which was the first vampire film based on Bram Stoker's Dracula novel; The Armoire, for which Charles was just nominated for best score/sound by the Independent Horror Film Awards and The Idyllwild Film Festival; Hellraiser: Deader, Undiagnosed, Con Artists, Black Red Yellow, for which Charles was nominated for best score by the Action on Film International Film Festival; and the television shows ESPN Sports Century, Environment, Firestorm: Last Stand at Yellowstone, 10.5: Apocalypse, and many others. As a guest conductor and composer, Charles has done two tours of England, a tour of Taiwan, and, most recently, a tour of the Hawaiian Islands. He has written concert music for many different mediums, including orchestra, wind ensemble, electronic, and a variety of chamber ensembles. He also composed the Off-Broadway musical Neva~Eh: Prince of Black Angels, which opened in Los Angeles in 2007.

Charles currently resides in Beverly Hills, California.