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SoFAB Presents: Pickle Academy!

  • Southern Food & Beverage Museum 1504 Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard New Orleans, LA, 70113 United States (map)

On October 26 from 3-5 p.m. the Southern Food & Beverage Museum welcomes Ica Crawford of Gro-NOLA for the second edition of Pickle Academy.

Learn fun and delightfully simple fermentation methods from Ica Crawford, food consultant, botanist, and Executive Director of GroNola, a New Orleans based food production network focused on growing and connecting fresh urban and regional farm production, traditional methods of fermentation and preserving, and savoring the season at the dinner table.

This 2-hour class will provide an introduction to healthful and approachable ferments that can easily be made at home. These probiotic preparations provide tremendous health benefits, are simple and easy to produce from locally available ingredients, and are a delicious addition to the dinner table.

  • Learn about making Raw Vinegar from fermented fruit in your own kitchen

  • Discover Cultured Vegetables such as sauerkraut, kimchi and cultured pickles

We will taste homemade samples and discuss the history, nutritive value and process for each traditionally fermented food. Each student will get hands-on making their own personal batch of kimchi, customizing their jar with different spices to take home and ferment. They will also receive a packet of detailed workshop notes and recipes to continue to ferment at home for fun and pleasure.

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About the Chef


Ica Crawford moved to New Orleans to attend the Culinary Arts program at Delgado and then completed Horticultural and Biological Sciences degrees at Delgado and UNO. Ms Ica is FDA certified in food processing control by the University of Tennessee.

A practitioner of olericulture, the science and production of plants for use of the edible parts, she currently operates an urban food garden in the Riverbend at Ferry Place, manages a CSA Member program, and is the proprietor of GroNola which plants, grows, aggregates and preserves the peak harvest of the seasons.

Selecting and preserving the seasonal harvests are just one piece of her overall mission-- “To grow great food in a responsible manner, to feed the people. It’s that simple”