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Celebrate Honduran Independence Day with Chef Melissa Araujo

Please join us Saturday, September 16th at the Southern Food & Beverage Museum to celebrate Honduras Independence Day!

The unique flavors and techniques of New Orleans and Honduras will be brought together by Chef Amy Sins of Langlois and Chef Melissa Araujo of Alma. The chefs will demonstrate Sopa de Mariscos while discussing Honduran flavors, Honduran culture, and cooking techniques. Members of the local Garifuna Community Foundation will share traditional Garifuna dances of Yurumein, Punta, and Wanaragua.

The program begins at 12 PM in the Rouses Culinary Innovation Center by Jenn-Air, samples are first come first serve. Free with museum admission.

About the Chefs

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Melissa Araujo founded Alma in 2015 as a pop-up, paying tribute to her grandmother's cooking and her heritage. Melissa is also the executive chef/owner of Saveur Catering LLC

"I had no choice but to fall in love with food. I grew up with a family, and food was the center of everything. My mother, Angeolina Araujo, is Sicilian-Italian, and my father, Oscar Araujo, is Honduras-Maya with Portuguese. The family table was the center of everything in my house. I was a locavore by birthright, and my early immersion in fresh, local, seasonal ingredients has informed and influenced my culinary philosophy. I love to cook and especially love to feed people with the best possible ingredients I can find. I love to re-create the story people share with me with the food I cook."


Chef Amy Sins is a born-and-raised South Louisiana girl with Cajun and Creole cooking woven into her culinary DNA. Amy didn’t follow the typical path of a New Orleans chef. No years in culinary school or kitchen stints at marquee restaurants. She was wired for cooking and entertaining as a kid, watching her parents’ elaborate southern dinner parties unfold. In 2005, Amy did some deep-down soul-searching and walked away from a career in pharmaceutical sales to pursue her true love: cooking, teaching, and entertaining. In 2012, Amy opened Langlois as a next-generation interactive dining restaurant in the Marigny. Four years later, Amy took Langlois “mobile” to reach a wider audience, and closed the brick-and-mortar restaurant. Today, Amy is the ringleader of the Langlois traveling culinary circus.