Eat. Sip.  Explore the World!

Memories…when you think back on a wonderful trip, aren’t your memories bound closely to the culinary experiences you had? 

From that perfectly charred steak in Buenos Aires, to licking a dripping gelato on a hot day Rome, to the spicy noodles in the Singapore market to the sip of the perfectly jammy bright red Chateauneuf-des-Papes in the caves of the Rhône Valley…we eat and drink our way across this planet of ours. 

As SoFAB’s Director of Outreach and Adventures and a professional Virtuoso Travel Advisor, it’s my pleasure to invite you to “Eat. Sip. Explore the World”!  We welcome you to join in on the adventures below, or contact me to arrange a personalized journey. 

Cheers!  Holly Barrett, or 985.789.3311

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