Culinaria Issues is a monograph series published by National Food & Beverage Foundation in partnership with Tulane University Law School.  The series is designed to quickly publish peer- reviewed articles and other important articles about the law, policy and cultural issues that involve food and drink.  Some general categories of interest include food safety/security; innovation and intellectual property; public health; food and beverage law (domestic and international); agriculture, fishing, and aquaculture; policy; environment and sustainability; history; and media and the arts.

As important as peer- reviewed journals are, the process often results in a publication which is not available in a timely manner to facilitate debate and discussion.  It is Culinaria's intention to review and publish well-written articles in the field within a period of about 90 days or less so that they can be distributed and read while they're still relevant and can make a difference.

Culinaria Issues