Barnett and Nassikas Collection

This collection contains correspondence to and from Marilyn Barnett and James Nassikas, invitations to various events, article clippings, informational booklets and other ephemera.

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Christopher Blake Collection

This collection contains pamphlets (Christopher Blake’s Cooking for and with Alcoholics; Red Beans and Ricely Yours), recipes (“No Week’s Complete Without a New Orleans Meal,”), fliers, correspondence, and several cookbooks by Blake: Louisiana Superdome Souvenir (pictured left, 1975); Christopher Blake’s Easy Elegance Cookbook (1978); and the Fair, Fair Ladies of Chartres Street (1965).

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Johan’s Article Collection

This collection includes photos of New Orleans (the French Quarter, Uptown, CBD) from 7/7/73, as well as photos of bottling plants and trucks (pictured left), a calendar from 1943, and an envelope containing a gold medal from the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition attached to note from Debbie Brooks, Southern Comfort.

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Arkansas, West Virginia, Maryland Collection

This collection contains material for War Eagle Hills, the Almba Chamber of Commerce, the Bradley County Pink Tomato Festival, the Arkansas South Visitor’s Guide 2009, menus from the Greenbriar Resort, a magazine article about W. V. Salt, McCormick’s Map of the World (pictured left), and Marjory Manget recipes. Also includes recipe packets from Mabel Lyons Thompson (~1940) from her work as a demonstrator for the Potomac Light & Power Company (Donated by Sara Gibbs).

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Barbecue Collection

This collection contains tools, instruction manuals, and catalogues for barbecue products, a barbecue recipe booklet, and several CDs with barbecue related photos. Weber and Big Green egg are the two primary companies featured in this box. There is also an instruction manual for the Hasty-Bake Camper Charcoal Range, pictured left.

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David Wondrich Collection

This collection includes bound drafts of Wondrich’s books Imbibe! (February, 2007, pictured left) and Punch: Or the Delights (and Dangers) of the Flowing Bowl (original draft with edits in red, 5/03/2010).

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Frances Kuyper Collection

This collection includes materials from Frances Kuyper’s life and her professional persona, the “Cake Lady.” There are several videos, (VHS, 1988) including “Cakecrafting: Decorating Cakes without Icing,” “Sit-Op Shaped Cakes,” “Basics of Cake Creating,” and “Airbrush Techniques.” It also includes a book (Star Spangled Speaker by Dorothy M. Walkers, 1982). The second box in the collection includes folders containing documents related to Collete Peters, cake decorating (such as the Eiffel Tower constructed from royal icing pictured to the left), Disneyland, John McNamara, and the Idama Instituto del Arte. The collection also contains loose photos from Kuyper’s trips to places including Mexico, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Jamaica, Singapore, New Zealand, Japan, Jakarta, and England.

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Judy Walker Collection

This collection contains correspondence and recipes to and from Judy Walker, longtime food editor at the Times-Picayune. Many of these concern her “Exchange Alley” project to help New Orleans residents recover lost recipes after Hurricane Katrina. The collection contains a printed PowerPoint presentation (“Degustation” by Nathalie Politzer). There are also article clippings and photographs unrelated to her work, such as the East Bank Guide 4th Annual Cookbook, pictured to the left.

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Louisiana Collection

This collection contains menus/drink lists for several Louisiana restaurants, including the Royal Sonesta, Royal Orleans (1960), Royal Orleans Rib Room Supper (1960), and Café Royale (1960).The collection also contains recipes booklets ( including “Winning Peach Recipes” in 1982, pictured to the left).

The collection also contains a report on the Escravos Bottles used in West Africa in the 1700s, pamphlets (the Royal Sonesta and the Varsity), a document tracing the history of Mountain Valley Spring Water, an informational pamphlet/menu for Begue’s, and a folder with promotional materials (including for the Louisiana Crawfish Promotion and Research Board and the Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism). There are also articles on New Orleans, coffee, and seafood, and the Louisiana State Board of Health Nutrition Section from 1958 and 1959.

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Joseph Mardesich III Collection

This collection includes photos of various rooms at Antoine’s from the 1980s, including the first Soiree in the Asian Room after being closed in response to Pearl Harbor. The collections also includes miscellaneous newspaper articles about food and recipes, contact lists, resumes, business cards and correspondence (mostly about restaurant management). The collection also contains Galatoire’s memorabilia, such as postcards, tickets, and embroidered napkins (pictured left). There is also an apron featuring images of New Orleans landmarks, Sharon O’Conner’s menus and music (cookbook and cassette, 1985), A Little New Orleans Cookbook (by Norma McMillan, 1995), Unusual Acadian Recipes (Mercedes Vidrine, 1964, Claitor’s Publishing, LA), and miscellaneous matchbooks.

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Mildred Covert Collection

This collection primarily contains magazines with articles about Mildred Covert and Jewish food in the South (including publications such as Southern Living, Lady’s Home Journal, and Better Homes and Gardens). The collection also includes a booklet of Pesach (Jewish Passover) recipes, holiday recipes by Frank Davis (pictured left), and correspondence from Mildred Covert to Elizabeth Williams thanking her for the opportunity to participate in a program at the Ogden museum (attached to biographical information). There are also drafts and clippings of Covert’s “Taste of Tradition” articles on Jewish holiday and food traditions for the Times-Picayune.

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Mortar and Pestle Collection

The collection contains primarily full color photographs dealing with the use of the African mortar and pestle, all mounted on foam backing. They include images of three children using the mortar and pestle (pictured left), people with piles of grain at market, and a woman on a porch chair.

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Museum of the American Cocktail Collection

This ollection includes many copies of patents for different cocktail shakers, copies of prescriptions for medicinal alcohol, advertisements, recipe booklets, correspondence, and various museum exhibit placards. A large portion of the collection is related to the prohibition-era. The oldest piece in this collection, pictured left, is a Stereoscopic portrait dated 1876.

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Parkway Bakery Collection

This collection contains five black and white photos of the interior and exterior, pictured left, of Parkway Bakery in 1972.

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Phil Johnson Collection

This collection contains the New Orleans Chefs’ Cookbook, an apron (Fornou’s Orens, San Francisco), a scrapbook of cartoons and recipes (one page pictured left), correspondence between William M. Barnett and Harold Levy, an envelope containing writings from Harold Levy, menus, and article clippings. The collection also contains catalogs (1980s), receipts and correspondence to Phil Johnson from the Wine and Food Library, as well as catalogues and correspondence from the Librarie Gourmande, Black Cat Books, and Barbara Weindling.

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Wine Guide-Junior League Collection

The collection contains recipe newspaper clippings, a Gambit Fall Restaurant Guide (2006), the Junior League Cookbook Award Entry Forms, International Wine and Food Society Monographs, Takaji (1999), Growera champagne (2000), The Underground Wine Journal Index (July 1988 – December 1988), a Guide to New Orleans (Honey Naylor, 1988), and a pamphlet for the Dogwood Festival and Tour of Homes (pictured left).

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Angela Wilson Collection

This collection includes “Cake of the Month Mailbox News” dating from 1972 to 1989, “Best Recipes Cake Mix Magic” booklet (2004), the Exotic Fruit Cookbook (1968), a DVD (Eat or We Both Starve, Jim and Debbie Hewlett, Taylor, Mississippi), and pamphlets (from the Arkansas Unit, Herb Society of America, and from Staff Home Economics). There are also thirteen editions of the Culinary Arts Institute of Chicago, IL Staff Home Economists Cookbooks, including “Entertaining Six or Eight,” pictured left.

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Schrader Collection

This collection contains copies of Roadside Magazine from 1991-2003, recipe pamphlets dating from 1894-1942, diner menus from across America, and several almanacs, including the one pictured to the left.

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Louis Osteen Collection

This collection contains 27 boxes of Chef Louis Osteen’s personal papers. This includes advertisements, marketing materials, recipes, and family documents. This covers Louis’ Charleston Grill (ad for the restaurant, pictured left), the Pawley’s Island Inn, Louis’s Fish Camp, and other locations of the aforementioned.

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Stamp and Textile Collection

This collection contains materials related to the Don Effect project at SoFAB, donated materials from the American Textile Museum, stamp collecting (pictured left), and backlogs of the Figaro, a New Orleans newspaper.

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Ochsner Collection

This collection includes photo prints of 1979 drugstores and a variety of promotional materials for Rise Delmar Ochsner’s work, including a postcard for the 1997 Robert Moldavi Culinary Award of Excellence ceremony (pictured left).

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Domino Foods Collection

This collection includes a photo book on the sugar refining process and the history of the Domino Foods company, including a copy of the “New Dainties” pamphlet (pictured left). There are also materials related to the Chalmette Refinery centennial and Schwegmann’s Deli.

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Brunings-Texas Collection

This collection contains materials related to the planning and execution of the Southern Food and Beverage Museum’s Texas exhibit and the history of Bruning’s Restaurant, including a laminated menu (pictured left).

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